Trace Adkins To Host First Ever Live Chat Tomorrow

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Trace Adkins To Host First Ever Live Chat Tomorrow

Trace Adkins’ sly baritone and tongue-in-cheek sense of humor shine in his latest single, “Brown Chicken Brown Cow,” a honky tonk anthem about a loving couple who put the farm chores aside for a little afternoon delight. Move over Jack and Diane, hold on tight Tommy and Gina, this latest musical romance is hilariously portrayed in Adkins’ new video by a pair of puppets who oversee a farm full of felt-covered critters.

The video for “Brown Chicken Brown Cow” begins airing today on both CMT and GAC – it’s a funny Valentine, to be sure. The video can also be viewed online now.

For the video, director Michael Salomon enlisted BJ Gayer, owner of The Puppet Shop (Crank Yankers) to create eight custom-made puppets, including an alter ego of Adkins, a buxom Betty and a band of animated animals. Shot at Glen Oaks Ranch outside of Los Angeles, the barnyard romp features a performance with Adkins leading a motley crew of musicians, including a black crow on guitar, a pig wearing shades playing drums and, of course, a brown cow on keyboards.

On February 15 at 5pm CST, Adkins will host his first-ever live chat to introduce his new video and its zany cast of characters. Here’s hoping that Mr. Brown Cow is a bit more tech-savvy than Adkins, who prefers his “tractor” to “Twitter”…

Fans can log on to Trace’s website, his Facebook, or Ustream to participate in the chat.