Travis Denning Changes His Identity on ‘David Ashley Parker From Powder Springs’

The singer meant no harm in breaking the rules as a completely new person, but did it for the memories and stories Denning hoped to tell later on in life.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Travis Denning Changes His Identity on ‘David Ashley Parker From Powder Springs’
Travis Denning; Photo Courtesy of UMG Nashville

Fake IDs are an underage treasure that many people recall from their glory days of breaking into the bars before turning the big 2-1. Travis Denning embraced his second identity, enough to write a hilarious song recounting the good times he spent as “David Ashley Parker From Powder Springs.”

Reverting back to his younger days when he started sneaking alcohol, Denning would assume the role proudly and wanted to recount those memories by way of a debut single. Adding some tongue-in-cheek lyrics to the track, the personal story behind it all makes Denning smile that it made his first radio send-off.

“David Ashley Parker is a real person and that was my fake I.D. that I had,” Denning joked about the track. “It was my first fake I.D. and not only is David Ashley Parker a real person, but he was a totally other person when I had his I.D. Just like that persona that you are when you have it…you’re the guy that the boys call you or the pretty girls call you and said, ‘Hey, could you go get me a six-pack of beer?’”

Although some critics may look upon the act as a breaking of the rules, the country newcomer simply wanted to revive the spirit of those teenage hijinks over the idea of causing trouble with the law.

“It’s so funny looking back. When we wrote that song, it was so much more about the nostalgia of looking back on those times than it was doing anything illegal,” Denning explained.

“David Ashley Parker From Powder Springs” can be heard on country radio or Spotify now.