Travis Denning is Thankful For His Career This Year

Denning is grateful that people come to see him live.

Travis Denning is Thankful For His Career This Year
ARRINGTON, TENNESSEE - OCTOBER 21: In this image released on October 21, Travis Denning performs onstage at the Sycamore Barn in Arrington, Tennessee for the 2020 CMT Awards broadcast on Wednesday October 21, 2020. (Photo by John Shearer/CMT2020/Getty Images for CMT)

Thanksgiving is a time for people to think about all the things they are thankful for, and after a strange year, Travis Denning is simply thankful to be making music, even if he hasn’t been performing as much as he’d like this year.

“For Thanksgiving this year, I’m just most thankful that I’ve been able to have a career doing what I love,” he shared. “I mean, this crazy time has totally put into perspective how fortunate I am to go play concerts, you know, go perform for people. It’s just such a crazy dream that sometimes it’s easy to get sucked into and not really stop and smell the roses, but God, now not being able to be on the road has really shown me how thankful I am that people come out to concerts and that’s what I do for a living.”

This Thanksgiving will also be different for many people as families may not be gathering in the same way they would in previous years. Denning reflected on what Thanksgiving looks like in his house on a normal year.

“A typical Thanksgiving growing up was essentially the men of the family – Dad and Uncle Mike and my granddaddy — watching football, while grandmama and my mom pretty much yelled at each other in the kitchen the whole day,” he said. “But they threw down and made the best food you could ever imagine, which you know is kind of how it is for a lot of people.”