Trent Harmon Longingly Awaits Love’s Return in ‘You Got ‘Em All’

Trent Harmon used a real-life breakup and the heartache that ensued to write his new single, "You Got 'Em All."

Written by Kelly Brickey
Trent Harmon Longingly Awaits Love’s Return in ‘You Got ‘Em All’
Trent Harmon; Cover Art Courtesy of Big Machine Records

Trent Harmon was on top of the world with his career rising to the top and people around him that cared for his well-being, until his longtime girlfriend broke his heart with a simple phone call.

While out on the road just minutes before Harmon hit the stage for one of his shows, he received a quick buzz from his lover at the time. Her news hit him hard as she admitted she wanted to move to Thailand and planned to do so in a matter of days. Leaving him behind for good, the singer ached inside but knew the healing power of music would help him overcome his woes.

Enter “You Got ‘Em All,” the tell-tale story of the emotions Harmon faced just after his heart was broken. Wishing her the best despite his scattered self still needing to be picked up off the floor, he passionately belts out the memories they shared in hopes it will help him move on although she already did.

Without hesitation, Harmon decided to release the song as his next single to reflect upon the hardships he faced over the past year and look forward toward a better one this time around.

“This past year has been tough,” Harmon said. “I have had a few highs and many lows. The reaction to this song has made it all worth it, and I am so excited to get out there and share it with fans.”

The last time Harmon released music was back in 2016, when his breakout single, “There’s a Girl,” was released. Hoping to make the same splash with his upcoming music, the singer anticipates new music on the horizon for fans to hang on to in 2018.

“You Got ‘Em All” is available for streaming and purchase now.