Trisha Yearwood Gives CMA Awards Advice to New Artists

The country legend gave words of support to new artists who didn't recieve any CMA nominations.

Written by Drew Pearce
Trisha Yearwood Gives CMA Awards Advice to New Artists
Trisha Yearwood with Caitlyn Smith, Connie Harrington and Erik Dylan; Photo courtesy of Cracker Barrel

Country legend Trisha Yearwood gave some advice to new, up-an-coming artists who did not receive a CMA Awards nomination during an interview with The Sam Alex Show on August 30.

She urged newcomers to the country music scene to not let a lack of awards nominations get them down, and she encouraged them to keep making music and see the value of their work nonetheless.

“I think awards have their place, and I think they’re wonderful,” Yearwood shared. “It’s a wonderful feeling and a wonderful pat on the back for what you’re doing, but that’s not why you do it.”

The country icon went on to explain the real reason why musicians do what they do.

“As an artist, you make music because you’re trying to get whatever it is that you want to say out to the world, and you need to be satisfied with that.”

Yearwood cited her latest album, Every Girl, as an example of an artist finding that satisfaction in their work.

“I can only speak to this album being finished with it and going ‘okay, there’s nothing I would do differently, there’s nothing I would change and there’s nothing I think I can do better for this point and time in my life,” she explained. “It’s going to stand on its own and do its thing.”

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