Tristan McIntosh Brings ‘American Idol’ Judges To Tears

"She might win. I'm just saying. I said it first," Lopez concluded after Tristan left the room.

Written by Lauren Laffer
Tristan McIntosh Brings ‘American Idol’ Judges To Tears

Several weeks ago, American Idol shared a teaser clip of 15-year-old Tristan McIntosh singing Mickey Guyton’s “Why Baby Why.”

During last night’s episode of Idol auditions, we finally got to see whether or not the Nashville native made it through to Hollywood.

“I like you a lot. You really have a lot going on,” Harry Connick, Jr. said.

Barely able to sit in her seat, Jennifer Lopez couldn’t wait to critique the teen. “Well this is why I’m bursting… because I see in you something very, very special. I’m really good friends with Alicia Keys. Not only do you remind me of her because of how you look, but also because of your heart. It’s just beautiful and special. And I think you made your mom so proud today. I can’t wait until she sees this.”

Keith Urban was equally as impressed, saying “I also think that you’ve got so many things that are all coming together as an artist. At 15, you have so much talent, Tristan.”

Following the judges notes, Harry Connick, Jr. read a letter from her mom, who then came out and surprised her daughter after months overseas and brought the judges to tears. Her mom, Major Amy McIntosh, was then able to give her daughter the coveted golden ticket to Hollywood.

“She might win. I’m just saying. I said it first,” Lopez concluded after Tristan left the room.

During the episode, Guyton also took to Twitter to praise the teen on her performance. “TRISTAN! amazing to hear you sing #WhyBabyWhy & be reunited w/ your mom!! You’re amazing, my love #IdolPremiere”

Do you think Tristan has what it takes to win?

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