Tucker Beathard Shares Plans for Part One of Double Album ‘Nobody’s Everything’

Beathard co-wrote each of the nine songs featured on the project.

Written by Lauren Laffer
Tucker Beathard Shares Plans for Part One of Double Album ‘Nobody’s Everything’
Tucker Beathard; Photo courtesy of The Greenroom PR

Tucker Beathard has had his nose to the grindstone, chugging away at his first full-length project. His hard work has paid off as the singer/songwriter is ready to debut the first half of what he’s been working on.

Releasing from his own Mother Tucker Records, part one of his double album will debut on Friday, Nov. 30. Dubbed Nobody’s Everything, Beathard had a hand on every aspect of the project, co-writing each of the nine songs featured while also playing guitar and drum.


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finally decided to finish this one tonight

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“This last year, the walls got broken down for me to really own and express emotions more, the vulnerability and the intensity of what was happening in my life and career gave me no choice,” Beathard shared in a press release. “There’s a whole crowd of people out there who are misunderstood, the outcast types, and I gotta believe they’re dealing with the same stuff. There were so many songs, I decided to break it into two albums, and I’m excited to finally be able to share it with all the people who’ve stuck by me the last few years. We did it!”

Beathard is best known for his previous releases “Something To Say,” “This Life,” “Fight Like Hell” and “Rock On.”

Nobody’s Everything Official Track Listing:
1. Ride On (Tucker Beathard, Bob DiPiero, Jason Gantt, David Lee Murphy)
2. Leave Me Alone (T. Beathard, Shane Minor, Lindsay Rimes)
3. Somethin’ to Say (T. Beathard, Dan Isbell, Reid Isbell)
4. Picture to Prove It (T. Beathard, D. Isbell, Gantt)
5. Brother (T. Beathard, D. Isbell, Jonathan Singleton)
6. Fight Like Hell (T. Beathard, C. Beathard, D. Isbell, Singleton)
7. Hate It(T. Beathard, C. Beathard, Dakota Moniot, Will King)
8. This Life (T. Beathard, Michael Hardy, Angelo Petraglia)
9. How Gone Will I Go (T. Beathard, Joe Whelan, Will Lamb)