Tucker Beathard Rocks on with ‘Fight Like Hell’ EP

Beathard's six-song EP, Fight Like Hell, is set to release on October 7.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Tucker Beathard Rocks on with ‘Fight Like Hell’ EP
Image courtesy The Greenroom PR

On the height of his newfound success with his smashing single, “Rock On,” Tucker Beathard announced the release of a six-song EP titled Fight Like Hell set to release in October.

The country newcomer is continuing to make a statement by releasing the EP soon, which he co-wrote all of the songs on the entire project. As a man of many talents, Beathard also played guitar and drums on the EP to give it his true authentic sound for fans to enjoy.

While coming up with the title for his collection, Beathard wanted to make it something relatable to everyone going through some trying times and hoping that his music can be a bit of a release when everything starts to get tough.

“I’m fired up to release my ‘Fight Like Hell’ EP,” he explained. “You know so I just wanted to make a universal anthem. Stay tough, fight like hell for whatever it is.”

The tracklist of the EP also features songs that are close to Beathard’s heart and reflect on the various stages of emotions he’s gone through with his music and what he observes that’s going on in the world. They all have their place as a significant message that he wants to send out to his fans.

“I’m always either writing songs or so focused on the next show, the next setlist that I kind of forget to look around at all that is happening…I haven’t quite wrapped my head around having a Top 10 single yet,” he said. “The songs on the EP kind of represent a timeline of songwriting for me with ‘Home Sweet USA’ being one of the first songs I ever wrote, and ‘I’ll Take On The World With You’ was written just a few months ago.”

Be sure to check out Beathard’s EP, Fight Like Hell, when it’s released on October 7 and listen to hear his current single, “Rock On,” blowing up the charts on country radio now.