Tyler Hubbard’s Daughter Giggles Over Doggy Playtime

Fans can hear mom Hayley Hubbard laughing over the adorable memory in the background.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Tyler Hubbard’s Daughter Giggles Over Doggy Playtime
Olivia Rose; Photo via Instagram; Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard; Photo by Andrew Wendowski

Nothing in the world sounds quite as sweet as a baby’s delighted laughter, and Tyler Hubbard from Florida Georgia Line took that idea to heart when he recorded his little girl playfully squealing over a bonding moment with their family dog, Harley.

Baby Olivia Rose stayed put in her standing jungle gym while Harley trotted around her and rolled on the ground for her entertainment. In the background of the clip, fans can hear mom Hayley Hubbard cracking up over her daughter’s excitement and Tyler himself claims that the videos will change the mood to happy for anyone who watches.

“I can’t stop watching this. Turn the volume up and have ur day made,” Hubbard captioned the adorable set of videos.

I can’t stop watching this. Turn the volume up and have ur day made.

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Tyler’s bandmate Brian Kelley also commented on the clips, saying “You need to make that your ringtone! That is EVERYTHING!”

The Hubbards have taken to parenthood in an easy fashion, and feel like every day with their bundle of joy is a blessing. They embrace their new parental titles so well, and hopes this next step of their lives together only grows in a cheerful way.

“Literally like waking up to a little miracle every day. She’s so happy and smiling and she’s kind of the light of our life. It’s been cool to learn how to become parents with Hayley and I, just kind of take on that role. I think it was time for the next chapter of life. It just feels really good,” Hubbard recently said to NASH Prep during an interview.

Hubbard will balance time at home with the road life when Florida Georgia Line sets off on their summer festival and fair circuit in the next coming months.