Tyler Hubbard Enjoys the ‘Breast Life’ Drinking From Baby Bottle

Tyler Hubbard got a real taste of fatherhood when he decided to try out a sip of his daughter's breast milk meal from the bottle.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Tyler Hubbard Enjoys the ‘Breast Life’ Drinking From Baby Bottle
Tyler Hubbard; Photo via Instagram

Got milk? As a new dad, Tyler Hubbard from Florida Georgia Line looks out for his daughter in any way that he can. Trying to keep parenting interesting, he started drinking from the bottle… baby bottle, that is. Making sure it was tasty enough for his little girl to drink as her next meal, he shot the milk straight and didn’t cringe for one second.

“When your husband takes trying your breastmilk to a whole new level 🍼😂#breastmilk #doesthebodygood#livinourbreastlife “#tasteslikealmondmilk” -@thubbmusic,” Hayley Hubbard wrote as the caption for the hilarious video.

Even Hubbard joked that it tasted “like almond milk,” which made him laugh more over the shenanigans he just got himself into. His precious bundle, Olivia Rose, watched on from her comfy spot in the kitchen as the singer went on to describe the liquid as “sweet” before going in for round two.

Olivia Rose was born right before Christmas in 2017, to the delight of the Hubbard family. Welcoming their first child together made for the best holiday present they could’ve ever received, and they’ve been proud parents ever since that fateful day.

Sharing as many memories with fans through pictures and videos, it looks like Hubbard works hard as the doting dad. Even when he’s away at work, Hayley and Olivia send him well wishes in the form of adorable smiles over video messages and it’s sure that Hubbard is smiling right back at his two favorite girls.

Meanwhile, Hubbard can relax for a bit with his family in coordination with promotional duties to continue supporting Florida Georgia Line’s duet with Bebe Rexha, “Meant to Be.”