Tyler Hubbard’s Wife Took Pregnancy Test with Thomas Rhett’s Wife on Africa Trip

Nothing screams bonding more than taking pregnancy tests at the same time together.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Tyler Hubbard’s Wife Took Pregnancy Test with Thomas Rhett’s Wife on Africa Trip
Tyler and Hayley Hubbard; Photo via Instagram

It was all in the timing for Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard and his wife, Hayley, to find out they were expecting.

In the last week, Hubbard and his lady announced to friends, family and fans that they would be welcoming a baby boy into the world later this year. Although it may have come as a shock to their biggest FGL supporters, this isn’t the first time they’ve experienced the possibility of being pregnant.

While on a trip to Africa with Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren, there was a brief joking moment where the Hubbards thought they could be with child. Taking tests together, both Lauren and Hayley hoped for a positive result; in the end, it was the Rhett family that was expanding and the moment only left Hubbard and Hayley wanting to actually try for a family.

“Both of our wives actually took a pregnancy test and I yelled to Lauren that we were pregnant — joking because we weren’t pregnant — and she said, ‘Yes, we are, too,” Hubbard said to People.

Inspired by the life-changing moment abroad, the pair finally realized parenthood was in their future and they wanted that future to arrive sooner rather than later.

“That was when it hit Hayley and [me]. It was the first time that we were actually excited about the possibility of being pregnant,” Hubbard explained. “When we realized that we weren’t pregnant —when we thought we were — we had two minutes of a little bit of disappointment. So that instigated the conversation of, ‘Well, maybe we should give this thing a shot and see what happens.’”

Now, the two lovebirds will make room in their house (and the tour bus) as baby makes three in their growing family. Ready to explore the roles of mom and dad, Tyler Hubbard and his wife hope this huge year for the FGL crew becomes even more great after the birth of their son.

The due date for Hubbard baby No. 1 will be sometime later this year.