Tyler Rich and Fiancée Relive the Story of How They Met

Stagecoach made 'The Difference' for this pair's relationship.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Tyler Rich and Fiancée Relive the Story of How They Met
Tyler Rich and Sabina Gadecki; Courtesy of The Valory Music Co.

Love…it’s one of those unexplained phenomenons that sweeps people off their feet and makes them do some crazy, unexpected things. When it struck Tyler Rich like a lightning bolt through his veins, he knew he needed to get the girl.

Rich and his fiancée, Sabina Gadecki, met by chance in the middle of a crazy Stagecoach crowd a few years back. Although the singer thought this woman looked familiar, he couldn’t pinpoint where he had seen her before but kept his eye out the entire weekend for a chance run-in. Sunday night sealed his fate as Rich spotted Gadecki in the crowd and made sure to create a lasting impression.

As he explains in the exclusive video recalling the moment, Rich was watching Dustin Lynch from the side of the stage when she caught his eye yet again. He decided to go for a bold gesture by jumping off stage and dancing all around Gadecki to flirt his way into her radar.

Tyler Rich

Tyler Rich and Sabina Gadecki; Courtesy of The Valory Music Co.

“We gotta go down there and perfectly place ourselves right in front of her, and have the best time we’ve ever had so that she feels like I want to be part of this party,” Rich said of recruiting his friends offstage, with a sense of determination in his tone.

Flustered by his cheeky moves and overwhelming introduction after the show, Gadecki ran away before giving Rich a proper goodbye because she felt this wave of nerves take over her body. Thankfully, the two exchanged Instagram handles just before and Rich used the name to his advantage.

The California native gave it a couple days until sliding into Gadecki’s DMs, in which he figured out that she was in a movie he loved and also worked up a celebrity crush on her character. Rich sent over his number, and despite her reluctance, they ended up chatting enough to work their way up to a date and eventually, a proposal.

Their real-life relationship can even be seen through the chemistry as co-stars in Rich’s video for “The Difference,” when they hang out all around Nashville with each other.

Fans can watch the love story of Rich and Gadecki above, before checking out “The Difference” by Rich on Spotify.