The Voice Recap: Watch Team Blake’s Cam Spinks & Kailey Abel Sing ‘What Ifs’

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Written by Tammy Ragusa
The Voice Recap: Watch Team Blake’s Cam Spinks & Kailey Abel Sing ‘What Ifs’
THE VOICE -- "Battle Rounds" Episode 1807 -- Pictured: (l-r) Cam Spinks, Kailey Abel -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

In the second night of Battle Rounds for season 18 of NBC’s The Voice, coaches Kelly Clarkson, Nick Jonas, John Legend and Blake Shelton faced the difficult task of eliminating even more members from their teams. Fortunately, celebrity mentors Dua Lipa, Joe and Kevin Jonas, Ella Mai and Bebe Rexha were on hand to help coach up the respective teams, consequently creating one of the most exciting nights of the season.

However the contestants were wound tight with anxiety and anticipation, but thanks to host Carson Daly, they had a friendly face on stage to support them as they faced their destiny.

Going into the night’s competition, all four coaches each had an ace up their sleeve in the form of saves or steals.

STEALS: Blake, John and Kelly

SAVES: John and Kelly

But first, there were incredible battles.


  • Performed “Good As Hell” by Lizzo

JOHN: “I just wanted to recognize Jacob and Toneisha for doing so well despite having Blake as a coach. Jacob, you really have a lovely voice. I feel bad that only Blake turned around for you in the Blinds, but sometimes we don’t hear right. Toneisha was a four-chair turn up here. The level of skill vocally, says you could be as far as the finale on this show for sure.”

KELLY: “First of all, thank you. I was up on my feet dancing from the very beginning. Jacob, you are a firecracker. I had no idea. You just nailed that. And the vibe of both of you on stage. Y’all playing off of each other and being sarcastic and funny, it was so awesome. It was one of my favorite battles. It was so good.”

  • Winner: TONEISHA


  • Performed “Someone You Loved” by Lewis Capaldi

BLAKE: “Clearly you had an effect on the audience. Every time I kinda had it figured out who was winning this battle somebody else would have a big moment. Gigi, you hit some notes that soared. Incredible pitch. Then Micah came back with his notes like that. So, it really went back and forth.

JOHN: “I thought you both were really good. I loved your chemistry together. I thought it was really just a heartfelt performance. It’s a little more in Micah’s pocket as far as the range of it. I absolutely love your chest voice. It’s It was just like perfect. And Gigi, you sounded incredible. You have such a clear voice.”

Winner: MICAH


  • Performed “Senorita” by Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes

KELLY: “I loved that. Obviously, I was the one standing up and dancing with you. I have a complete musical crush on Mandi, like I love you. The fact that you float with different languages, it was tactful and classy, and the head voice was really solid. And Cammwess, man you did a stellar job and you were holding down the more difficult parts at times.”

BLAKE: “Mandi, I think we all expected you to come out and kill it and you did. Your voice is kind of effortless. And Cam, your presence on stage, your attitude, it’s kinda like, ‘is he shy or is he just super cool?’ But by the end, I was sold on what you were doing.”

  • Winner: MANDI
  • STEAL to Kelly


NICK: “That was a really good song choice. The fun part to me about this performance was Kailey, you were the pace car in a sense, but Cam, you kept coming up behind and delivering in a big way and it was really special to watch.”

KELLY: “Kailey, I love your passion, I love everywhere you kind of chose to go vocally, it was interesting and cool. Cam, you had me at the belt buckle, the boots and hat. I like a cowboy. But I thought this was a really odd song that you maybe haven’t ever sung before and maybe won’t in the future. I thought you nailed it, I don’t want to negate what you did, I thought it was really great, but I just thought it was a little more in Kailey’s wheelhouse.”

  • Winner: CAM


  • Performed “Circles” by Post Malone

KELLY: “Anders, you have a big, ol’ voice. There’s so much power and it’s so nice. And Tate, you’re 16 walking around with that rasp. I can’t stand you, you’re so cute. I’m a little worried about you for the finale. Not gonna lie, Tate. Your voices are so different. Together was a little chaotic for me, but individually, you both have really strong voices.”

BLAKE: “It’s not that often that I agree with Kelly Clarkson because she rarely makes sense. But you two were not meant to sing in harmony together. Anders, your voice is so clear and so strong and cuts through. And Tate, you have that rawness about what you do.”

  • Winner: TATE


  • Performed “Come Together” by The Beatles

NICK: “That was a phenomenal performance. You just light the stage on fire, so hats off to both of you, literally. I think you’re both so great, I was so impressed with this performance. I turned my chair for you last time, Nelson, but Darious, you blew me away, as well. And now I’m regretting not turning for you to give you that respect early on.”

BLAKE: “This is a tough one for John because I do feel like you two are similar in your sound, and even the way you perform, your stage presence and stuff, your hats. He really does have to figure out which one of the two of you can make it to the finale.”

  • Winner: DARIOUS
  • SAVE to John

The four artists who coaches chose to save will appear in a four-way knockout in the coming weeks.

REMINDER: The Blind Auditions, Battle Rounds and Knockouts have been pre-recorded.