‘The Voice’ Coaches Go A Cappella With Jimmy Fallon and The Roots

Can you catch all of the songs in the video? 

Written by Lauren Laffer
‘The Voice’ Coaches Go A Cappella With Jimmy Fallon and The Roots
Blake Shelton with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots; Photo via YouTube

The competition might be fierce on the set of The Voice, but behind the scenes, the coaches are still having a bit of fun. Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, Adam Levine and Jennifer Hudson combined their musical talents with The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon and award-winning band The Roots for an incredible a cappella mash-up of their biggest hits.

The two-minute clip kicks off with Fallon and The Roots creating a uniform beat. That’s when Levine pops into the picture singing the Maroon 5 smash, “She Will Be Loved.” As his track progresses, Hudson appears singing her 2008 single “Spotlight.” The two combine their songs for a minute before Hudson swats Levine from the shot.

After a solitary moment singing her song, Hudson is replaced with Shelton and his song “She’s Got A Way With Words.” Fallon can’t help but poke fun at the country crooner by sporting a black cowboy hat and putting on his best Southern accent. Shelton, ever agitated by Fallon’s shenanigans, turns and says “Kiss my country ass,” before the tune changes over to his 2018 hit “I’ll Name the Dogs.”

Finally, Clarkson comes into the picture with her powerhouse song “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You).” Its not long after that Hudson comes back and the two sing together.

The grand finale hits with all of the coaches (and a brief appearance from Voice host Carson Daly) coming back together for an all-out singing session. Clarkson transfers into “Miss Independent,” while Hudson resumes “Spotlight.” Shelton belts out “God Gave Me You” as Levine croons “She Will Be Loved.” The video cuts to black as all 16 people featured in the clip clap to end the song.

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