The Voice Recap: See the Final Five Sing Original Songs for the First Time

Tonight, someone will be crowned the winner!

The Voice Recap: See the Final Five Sing Original Songs for the First Time
THE VOICE -- "Finale Part 1" Episode 1813A -- Pictured in this screen grab: (top row l-r) Thunderstorm Artis, CammWess; (bottom row l-r) Micah Iverson, Todd Tilghman; (center) Toneisha Harris -- (Photo by: NBC)

As host Carson Daly said, it was a finale like no other. With the country in the throes of a pandemic, quarantine orders sent the contestants home before live rounds started and the future of the show was uncertain. However, NBC, the contestants, coaches Kelly Clarkson, Nick Jonas, John Legend and Blake Shelton, and The Voice’s band and crew pulled together to pull off live rounds like no one could have expected.

For the first time ever, there are five finalists in the finale, all appearing remotely from their own homes. The coaches weighed in from their homes as well — Kelly from Montana, Nick and John from Los Angeles and Blake from Oklahoma. Meanwhile, Carson appeared in suit and tie on The Voice stage.

Each contestant was challenged to sing one cover song and one original song produced by the gifted writer/producers from NBC’s other hit reality competition show, Songland — Ester Dean, Shane McAnally and Ryan Tedder.

However, the first performance of the night was the collective contestants, with the help of The Voice band, performing Collective Soul’s “Shine.”


CAMMWESS (21) – Blythewood, South Carolina

  • Solo song – “Purple Rain” by Prince

NICK: “Production value from home was phenomenal. You had the lights going, the fog machine. I felt that on top of that, you delivered an absolutely incredible vocal. I’m a huge Prince fan, rest in peace. And I think you did that song justice. It was an amazing way to open the show tonight.”

JOHN: “I knew Camm wouldn’t let me down. He keeps delivering week after week. He’s such a soulful, gifted singer, but he comes with so much passion as well, so much artistry.”

  • Original song – “Save It For Tomorrow”

JOHN: “He’s such a great, great singer, his tone is so beautiful and it’s a really good song. It’s instantly catchy, I hear it on the radio right now. Ryan gave him a great backing track. It just feels like he’s ready. He’s ready to be an artist. He’s ready to make music that the whole world should be listening to.”


TODD TILGHMAN (41) – Meridian, Mississippi

  • Solo song – “I Can Only Imagine” by MercyMe

JOHN: “Pastor, we’ve loved seeing your journey throughout this whole show and this whole season. I remember turning for you and just being

KELLY: “I’m so glad you didn’t come to me first, I was crying. I know, shocking. But, literally, you’re so moving and it’s because you’re a pastor, it’s because you have a bigger belief inside of you than just yourself. I would love to come to your church just to hear you speak, not only sing. You’re very special.”

BLAKE: “Now I’m gonna cry seeing Kelly cry. You know, Todd, what she’s saying is true though. That’s the connection that you just have with people. Your talent just speaks for itself. That as good of a vocal as I’ve heard form you and really anybody this season because you sing with so much passion, so much precision. You’re just a special dude. America agrees, that’s why you’re in this finale. Congratulations on another great performance.”

  • Original song – “Long Way Home”

BLAKE: “You’re such an incredible talent. I’ve always kinda been torn on how I feel about this original song part of The Voice, but you have something that is so unique about you that you can take an original song and breathe so much life into it that it just feels familiar. That’s your gift, that’s how easy it is for you to speak to the audience. Great job. I loved it.”


MICAH IVERSON (25) – Tokyo, Japan

  • Solo song – “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol

KELLY: “You are so magical. I know it seems to everyone out there they might think, ‘Oh, that was like an easy thing.’ That was not. You make every song easy. You make it sound like it’s effortless. And what you do, going from your head voice to your chest voice, using all the ache, it’s so impressive. And, honestly, it’s so much better than most people on the radio right now. I’m so blessed to have you on my team. I cannot wait to help work with you, to make this happen for you after this. I just think you’re a very talented individual.”

  • Original song – “Butterflies”

KELLY: “Our whole point with this song was to just give an indication because he is pop, but he also has the alt-rock, kinda indie thing going on, too. And here’s the thing, no matter if you win or not, you want to kind of put your best foot forward, because he’s a songwriter as well, and kind of indicate what your vibe is going to be like. And Micah, you have made me cry on this show, you’ve made me laugh, you’re so fun and you are so intensely creative and cool. I love working with you. I don’t think there’s ever been a more perfect song for someone in a finale just to kind of lead you into what you’re going to do.”


THUNDERSTORM ARTIS (23) – Haleiwa, Hawaii

  • Solo song – “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong

NICK: “I am so grateful that you sang that song. I wake up each day as I’m sure so many of us do in this time when we’ve been quarantined at home, trying to find ways to stay connected to the ones I love and remember that although we are going through a really tough time, there is hope in this world and it is a wonderful world and I believe we’ll get back to days like that and I’m so grateful you brought that message to the world. Such pure and emotional artistry and with such vocal excellence, I hope America loved it as much as I did.”

  • Original song – “Sedona”

NICK: “I am so incredibly proud of you for that performance. You are a true artist through and through. And from the moment we first heard you to now, the growth you’ve shown, and then all of this coming to the highest point right now with your solo original song that you wrote by yourself, America is paying attention right now and I think you just gave your best performance yet on this show. Congratulations.”


TONEISHA HARRIS (44) – Roswell, Georgia

  • Solo song – “Faithfully” by Journey

KELLY: “You have tones in your voice the remind me of Chaka Khan and I love her and it’s so effortless in you and your runs are effortless. She’s one of the greatest singers ever, so that’s a big compliment, I don’t know if you’re a fan. But I love your voice. You intrigue me. A lot of people, I can kind of predict where they’re going vocally. I don’t know where you’re going and I am so there for it. I love you.”

BLAKE: “We had a nice little finale going here and as only you can do, you’ve taken it now and turned it upside down and completely changed the game. Congratulations. You literally had the best performance of the entire season that you’ve had and that’s saying something.”

  • Original song – “My Superhero”

BLAKE: “Maybe Toneisha hasn’t heard, but we’re supposed to be social distancing and she literally just touched millions of people. What can you say about that? That’s as good as it gets, Sis. Congratulations.”

The winner of season 18 of The Voice will be revealed in a two hour season finale with performances from the coaches, as well as Bon Jovi and Lady Antebellum.