The Voice Recap: Jake Hoot Performs ‘Every Light in the House’ by Trace Adkins

What was your favorite performance of the night?

Written by Tammy Ragusa
The Voice Recap: Jake Hoot Performs ‘Every Light in the House’ by Trace Adkins
THE VOICE -- "Live Top 11 Performances" Episode 1717A -- Pictured: Jake Hoot -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Season 17 of NBC’s The Voice may be nearing its end, but that doesn’t mean that the fun has stopped at all. In fact, during the Top 11 Live Round, the fun fell right into the fan’s hands as they were charged with picking the songs (through The Voice app) that each of their favorite contestants would perform during the evening’s competition.

The difficult part, though, is knowing that the following night meant that the ride for two of the aspiring young acts would come to an end during the Live Elimination Round.

KATIE KADAN (38) – “Without You” by Harry Nilsson

  • From Team Legend

KELLY: “I mean, that is how that song should be sang, man. That was so good. It was heartfelt, emotional, the perfect amount of rasp, the perfect amount of staying classic to the melody because everybody loves this song, but also doing your own thing on it. You’re mind-blowingly good.”

JOHN: “That was utterly stunning. You know, you’ve done so many different flavors of songs on this show and just to have you doing a classic ballad like that and delivering it with such nuance, such grace, such poise, such control and then when it called for it, to give us those powerful, spiritual, anointed notes, it was incredible. I pity anyone that has to sing after you today, honestly.”

KAT HAMMOCK (18) – “I’ll Fly Away” (traditional hymn)

  • From Team Blake

GWEN: “Well, gosh, after Katie, it’s like what’s going to happen to Kat, she’s just so different and you just were so beautiful, and so unique, and so original, and just so you and it stood up. You just can’t compete with being just you, an original. Your voice is so mesmerizing, you look like a little pixie princess, like I don’t know. You’re so pretty and I love you, actually, and I’m a big fan.”

BLAKE: “I think every week people are falling more and more in love with you and they’re starting to figure it out and to understand how special your voice is and how unique you are to music in general and what a gift you are to this show. And your voice, with that song, I don’t care what anybody says, that was magic, sis. I’m so proud of you.”

SHANE Q (28) – “Mercy” by Shawn Mendes

  • From Team Kelly

JOHN: “I think Kelly’s been talking to Shane a lot about performing with confidence because you really are such a great vocalist and sometimes you don’t seem like you’re as confident on stage, but I felt all of it today. I felt like you were really confident, maybe it was because you’ve sung this song before and you really feel comfortable with it but you had the swag, it was sensual in the right moments. It was really, I think, your best performance so far on the show.

KELLY: “You are so gifted and that’s why I am so hard on all of y’all, and it hurts me, because I’m like, I see it. I see it in you and I’m so happy that you trusted me and you really pushed yourself vocally and you went for those big, big chesty parts because all of that falsetto stuff is so beautiful, everything you do is so effortless, but you have this soul in you and this passion and fire that’s just waiting to get out and it arrived today.”

JOANA MARTINEZ (just turned 16) – “Dreaming of You” by Selena

  • From Team Gwen

BLAKE: “Oh my gosh, happy birthday! Joana, I can’t think of a dumber decision I’ve made in the history of this show than letting you go from my team. Every week, it’s not that you get better, because you’ve always been great — but you’re just coming into your moment on this show. But if that’s going to happen to me, I can’t think of a coach I would rather you be with than with Gwen, so congratulations again.” 

GWEN: “She was actually perfection tonight. I was thinking, ‘Did Blake actually just give me her as a present?’ I was talking to John about this and you’re unbelievable. Now you’re super old and you’re 16, so it makes more sense, but just the way you’re able to sing those low notes so confidently and just so calmly and then go into your head voice and your chest voice. You were flawless. Like, I am shocked and blown away by you tonight.”

WILL BREMAN (25) – “Light My Fire” by the Doors

  • From Team Legend

BLAKE: “I have been a member of the Blue Crew since the beginning and I gotta tell you, I gotta be honest, I’ve never really been crazy about that song until now. That was weird and awesome. I loved it man. Great performance.”

JOHN: “I am an honored member of the Blue Crew because every week you impress me with your musicality. You’re just on an advanced level as a vocalist, as a musician. Every week is unpredictable, every week is inventive and I am so proud to get to work with you. It was such an incredible rendition.”

ROSE SHORT (34) – “Maybe I’m Amazed” by Paul McCartney

  • From Team Gwen

KELLY: “That was like, from the Lord. That was so good. I feel saved. It was so good! You did it. It was very tastefully done. You went for all the notes, you were feeling it, you wanted it out, you wanted it out, but you were so tasteful. It had such great dynamics. It was really killer, Rose.”

GWEN: “I have tears, I’m so moved by you tonight. It was almost like I was in a dream watching you walk towards me. When you came down the stairs the way you did, it was so you and it was so, I can’t find the words to describe how unbelievable that was. That was mesmerizing. I feel like I’m on drugs. I don’t do drugs, but if I did them, it would be Rose. That was incredible. I am so honored to know you right now.”

HELLO SUNDAY (Myla – 13, Chelsea – 14) – “The Middle” by Zedd and Maren Morris

  • From Team Kelly

BLAKE: “Tonight before the show we had to do press, which is my least favorite thing to have to do on this planet is talk to the press. I always say things I regret. But I was very excited because I was doing it with Kelly and we got asked about you two and I can’t brag on you to enough because I feel like talking about your age is selling you short, but there’s no way to not talk about it because you’re so talented and you’re so focused when you get out here and do what you do. It’s unbelievable. I’m so happy for you two.

KELLY: “I hate bringing the age up, too, but I tell you, I’ve said this before on this show, you sing like women, but you’re fun like 14-years-old, but you’re also so poised, you’re just all these things. And to be that young and to be that gifted and talented and ready is just an anomaly.  I’ve never seen anything like it. You’re an anomaly.”

MYRACLE HOLLOWAY (44) – “Everybody Hurts” by R.E.M.

  • From Team Gwen

JOHN: “I was so moved watching the pre-packaged video because when you think about all the people you have affected by you just being on the show, it’s such a moving thing and it shows you how powerful music can be and how powerful the story behind the music can be. And you living your story, but also singing your story and everybody feeling it in your voice and the way you perform, it’s really a beautiful, powerful thing. I’m just happy you got the opportunity to be here and move so many people and change so many people’s lives.

GWEN: “We were talking about you earlier when we were doing press and it’s true. One thing about you that is so special is that you’re so aware of this moment that you’re in and you’re seizing this moment. After rehearsing with you at the Whiskey and seeing how far that came, it was beautiful, it was flawless, it was exactly the arc of what needed to happen at the end. Thank you for listening to me, trusting me and you’re so beautiful.”

MARYBETH BYRD (18) – “Stars” by Grace Potter

  • From Team Legend

KELLY: “I love this song. It was a great song choice for you, specifically, as a singer because you have this just unbelievable way to open up and you soar on a note without vibrato, which requires more air, people don’t know that, and it’s just beautiful. You just soar on this song. It was a really smart pick.”

JOHN: “I really want to thank the fans for picking that song for you because it is so perfectly right in your vocal pocket. You just sounded so magical. All the twists and turns that the melody takes, it was right there for you. You gave us power, you gave us clarity, you gave us these beautiful high notes. It was one of your best performance so far. I just love working with you, Marybeth.”

JAKE HOOT (30) – “Every Light in the House” by Trace Adkins

  • From Team Kelly

GWEN: “I know this is weird because I’m from Anaheim, California, but Trace Adkins is actually my homie. I know that song and I hang with him a lot. Honestly, I’ve been a fan of yours from the very beginning, you know that, and I always thought you were a diamond in the rough. There’s something so comforting about your voice and so beautiful and powerful. With the confidence of having fans, you’re really getting there and I thought that was beautiful.”

KELLY: “I love Jake Hoot, y’all. Every time you open your mouth to sing, I am reminded of every part of my childhood that was awesome. You’re just so nostalgic. You’re such a great storyteller. You open your mouth, it’s like you naturally have a microphone in your throat, I don’t understand it. It’s so beautiful and you’re always so present and you’re just a real great human as well. And I’m so blessed you’re on my team. I’m so happy about it.”

RICKY DURAN (29) – “Downtown Train” by Tom Waits

  • From Team Blake

JOHN: “It’s crazy because when I’m sitting here and we’re supposed to be coaching and giving you feedback and everything, I forget sometimes that you are even a contestant on the show because you already feel like you’re past that. You feel like an artist already. The way that you carry yourself, just the level of polish and confidence and stage presence you have, you look advanced beyond a competition. You look like you should be up here coaching, too. You’re really good, Ricky.”

BLAKE: “When I tell you that everybody loves you, it’s not just fans and people that I know. Literally, people in the business are reaching out to me about you already and I love that about you because of life reasons it has taken you a minute to finally get a chance to have your moment. Brother, you’re having it right now and you deserve it.”

And that’s it for another night of fierce competition on The Voice. During the November 26 Elimination Round, the Top 11 will lose one more contestant to become the Top 10.