The Voice Recap: John Legend Gets Blocked (Again) on Night Two

Everyone is seriously worried about John Legend taking the W!

Written by Tammy Ragusa
The Voice Recap: John Legend Gets Blocked (Again) on Night Two
THE VOICE -- "Blind Auditions" -- Pictured: (l-r) Adam Levine, John Legend -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The second night of blind auditions for NBC’s The Voice proved to be just as epic as the first exciting night. Fortunately for the newest coach, John Legend, both Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton had spent their blocks on the first night. It didn’t take Adam Levine long to use his only block, though.

In fact, he spent it on the first contestant of the night, 18-year-old Domenic Haynes. The Tampa, Florida native had barely begun to sing Leon Bridges’ “River” when Adam hit his button. John followed shortly after and was so immersed in the performance he didn’t realize he had been blocked at first. “It hurt me to have to do that, but that’s a testament to you,” Adam said to Domenic. “I think you’re my favorite singer in all 16 seasons of the show.” And even though Blake also turned his chair, the young singer chose the coach that turned in four-seconds—Adam.

It didn’t take long for John to get back in the game, though. When Savannah Brister of Memphis, Tennessee began her rendition of Steve Wonder’s “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing,” John turned before she completed the first line and Kelly turned in the second verse. After the 17-year-old finished, Adam spoke up and admitted, “John turned around so quickly, and he’s John already. I was intimidated.” He then took it another step and encouraged Savannah to pick Team John. A shocked Kelly screamed “I love you Savannah,” but the young lady ultimately pledged her allegiance to John’s team.

In a The Voice first, a sibling trio took the stage on night two with a harmonious version of Indigo Girls’ “Closer to You.” The Bundys—Katie, Ryan, and Megan—from Cincinnati, Ohio caught the coaches off guard. Used to hearing just one voice at the microphone, when a second and then a third joined in, the red chairs were puzzled. John confessed, “I was a little too confused and I felt I wouldn’t know how to deal with this.” Kelly, on the other hand, was fired up. “They make fun of me a lot, but when I’m passionate, I talk a lot, and I’m passionate,” she said. But Blake was, too. He told the trio, “When I turned around I saw a trio and I thought, ‘oh no, this is not what I bargained for. And I went from ‘oh no, oh god,’ to ‘oh god, oh yes.’” Fortunately for Kelly, she mentioned the names Fleetwood Mac and Little Big Town as she was courting The Bundys and that was enough for the sisters and brother to choose Team Kelly.

We’re only two nights into season 16, but there hadn’t been an old-school country singer like last season’s winner, Chevel Shepherd, yet. That changed when 18-year-old Hannah Kaye sang “Coal Miner’s Daughter” by Loretta Lynn with a Tanya Tucker-esque growl in her voice. Blake recognized it immediately but gave it a second before he hit his button, then Kelly followed a half-second behind. Hailing from Magnolia, Texas, Adam spoke up before anyone else saying, “I feel like Kelly is going to talk more than she ever has right now.” However, Kelly could hardly finish a thought without Adam interrupting her. She did manage to say, “I do love the authentic country, which is missing,” and then added, “I get why you’re probably inclined to go with Blake, but I dabble in country.”

But it was Blake that had the lengthy pitch to Hannah. He told the singer, “I heard Kelly mention the old style that’s not really out there anymore. The truth is, it’s out there, it’s just not being celebrated. Hannah, you could be that female. You could be the one who gets those kinds of records back in the mainstream. I think you’re incredible. She’s the real deal.” And that locked in another for Team Blake.

The night wasn’t over just yet, though, and neither were the blocks. When 25-year-old Julian King stepped up to sing John Bellion’s “All Time Low,” it was obvious that all of the coaches were dazzled with the dynamic vocal performance, but John was quickest on the button. Or buttons. As his chair turned, the red banner reading “BLOCKED” flashed in front of Adam’s chair. And, as Kelly pointed out, “That might be the most amazing block ever.” It was so amazing, in fact, it was replayed over for Adam to see it.

The Comeback Stage also earned another contest during the evening’s competition. 20-year-old Klea Olsen from Layton, Ohio, earned her second chance after performing Alice Merton’s “No Roots.” Remember, to follow the Comeback Stage contestants, you can check them out on The Voice official app or YouTube.