Walker Hayes Channels Alan Jackson for ’90’s Country’ Video

90's nostalgia is alive and well in this new video! 

Written by Lauren Laffer
Walker Hayes Channels Alan Jackson for ’90’s Country’ Video
Walker Hayes; Photo credit: Monument Records

90’s nostalgia is alive and well in Walker Hayes’ new music video. His latest song, “90’s Country,” comes alive in the clip, which channels Alan Jackson’s classic “Chattahoochee” video from back in the day.

The clip opens with Jackson sitting out on the back of a boat, fishing and listening to Hayes’ jam. It quickly switches over to a day at Old Hickory Lake in Nashville with Hayes wakeboarding like Jackson did all those years ago. Donning jeans and a life jacket, Hayes cruises around the lake as the song continues.

Scenes of him whipping across the water are intertwined with a nighttime jam session that includes a small group of friends and family dancing as Hayes puts on a private show. The group dances around as he sings lyrics including “Do you love me? If you do, check yes, please / Girl, you know you think my tractor’s sexy / Got me spinning like a jukebox junkie / Making me feel like 90’s country.”

“The video… if it’s any indication of how much fun we had making it, it’s going to be a box office smash,” Hayes told Sounds Like Nashville ahead of its release. “I didn’t know this could be done, but me and each of my band members stood on our own boats. There’s four boats provided at Hyperlite, and we flew down a river and they videoed us performing. It looks like a hip-hop video. We’re just flying on these sick boats and we’re all falling all over the place. Then we had an awesome just performance scene. Craig came out and just a bunch of people and some extras and stuff. We had a blast. We just really had a fun day on the water.”

“90’s Country” is the first taste of new music from Walker Hayes, following his debut release, boom.