What is Walker Hayes Up To?

Hayes is a man of mystery...

Written by Lauren Laffer
What is Walker Hayes Up To?
Walker Hayes; Photo via Instagram

For the past several days, Walker Hayes has been sharing hilarious photos of himself reenacting album covers from the 1990s. First, the “Craig” singer posted a photo of George Strait, and now, Alan Jackson.

The photos got us wondering – what is Walker Hayes up to?

Got a little carried away at my last photoshoot…

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New Music?

The Alabama native has had fans foaming at the mouth for new tunes, especially after sharing photos of himself from inside the studio. Recently, the singer posted a photo with a set of headphones on, cheekily teasing “SHOOT… can’t wait for y’all to hear what’s playing in these headphones.” Another photo had Hayes in the studio with the simple caption “Up to something.”

Just Being a Fan?

Hayes is admittedly a fan of ’90s country music. In an interview with All Access, the singer revealed that his first album was Tim McGraw’s Not A Moment Too Soon. “I think I was in seventh grade when I heard that and thought, ‘What is that? I have to listen to this.’ Then, I went on this huge ’90s country binge,” he recalled.

REMEMBER WHEN people said I wasn’t country…

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A Combo of Both? 

Is Hayes combining his love for the ’90s WITH new music? It’s possible. There’s many different directions this could go. Will his next project be more traditional? Or will he stick to his wildly-successful boundary-pushing sound and pay homage to his influences like McGraw, Willie Nelson, David Allen Coe and more.

Nothing At All

We could be overthinking this and the photos could be nothing at all. Did Hayes just get carried away during a photo shoot? There’s a chance! We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for more–and crossing our fingers for a Reba pic!

Only time will tell what Hayes is truly up to, but we are here for it!