Walker Hayes’ Family Dances to His Song, ‘Black Sheep’

We love how involved his family is!

Walker Hayes’ Family Dances to His Song, ‘Black Sheep’
Walker Hayes; Photo credit: Robert Chavers

Walker Hayes’ dancing family has struck again, and this time they’re dancing to the singer’s tune, “Black Sheep.” Hayes has gone somewhat viral as of late for his catchy tune “Fancy Like” and its accompanying TikTok dance. The singer has shared multiple videos of his large family dancing along to the tune, and now, they’re taking on an older song from Hayes’ 2019 album, 8Tracks.

The video, which was posted to social media this week, shows Hayes, his wife, and his six children lined up in front of the camera from youngest to oldest. In an almost modern-Von Trapp style, each member of the family does the same dance move before leaving the camera frame. The dance goes down the line as all the children make their move and then depart. Hayes’ wife Laney then takes a turn, and finally, Hayes himself busts a move. At the end of the video, the whole family comes back in and freestyles to the music.

Hayes is no stranger to sharing behind-the-scenes looks into his family life on social media. When they’re not dancing, the family can be seen doing other fun activities like trying to throw a ball into a tower of toilet paper rolls, like in the video below.

Other photos and videos recently posted by Hayes include a snap of his family swimming in a lake, a video of jam session with his kids, and a clip of Hayes’ kids joining him onstage.

“When your daughters make a guest appearance on stage for #fancylike,” Hayes wrote alongside the video.