Walker Hayes Plans on Putting His Kids Behind the Merch Stand While On Tour

He's been teaching the kids about handling money at home.

Written by Lauren Laffer
Walker Hayes Plans on Putting His Kids Behind the Merch Stand While On Tour
Walker Hayes; Photo credit: Sarah Elizabeth Khort

With his Dream On It Tour, Walker Hayes is as focused as ever before, giving fans a one-of-a-kind show and making sure the energy never wanes. Because of his laser focus on the concert, Hayes admittedly skips being a tourist in the towns he visits and spends much of his time getting pumped for showtime.

“I’m such a loser. I’m not even a take in the sights person,” he told Sounds Like Nashville with a chuckle. “The first thing I do every day is find a gym. That’s very healing and just it’s a great release for me. I just find a gym, usually snap some pictures of where I am and show the kids.”

While he doesn’t spend much time exploring, Hayes, who is a father of six, is looking forward to bringing his kids out on the road… and plans on putting them straight to work.


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I traded drinking for working out three years ago. Feels good. My daily escape. Also @therock I am coming for you.

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“I’m going to try to take some of my kids out this year and teach them how to sell merch,” he shared. “At home, we had a practice merch table where they’d put prices next to t-shirts and stuff. I was like, ‘I’ll take one of those and one of those,’ and see how fast they could give me the change and stuff.”

The kids, he shared, are excited about the prospect of joining their “90’s Country” singing father out on his tour.

The trek is currently underway with a slew of dates running through May. To see a full list of dates, click here.