Walker Hayes Loves Having His Kids Out On The Road With Him

Family is incredibly important to Walker Hayes, who loves having his six kids out on the road with him while he's touring.

Written by Lauren Laffer
Walker Hayes Loves Having His Kids Out On The Road With Him
Walker Hayes and his kids, Photo via Instagram

In a way, 2017 changed much of Walker Hayes’ life. The year brought about a number of major milestones for the “You Broke Up With Me” singer including his first Top 15 song, opening slots on several major country tours, but the most exciting of all was learning that his wife was pregnant…with their seventh child!

Hayes and his wife Laney, who are already the parents to three boys and three girls, will expand their family when baby No.7 joins the brooding pack. Laney, Hayes shares, is handling the pregnancy like a champ.

“She’s in the second trimester. We’re due June 8 and she is just, she’s glowing. She’s so happy and the kids are excited about what’s it going to be,” Hayes told Sounds Like Nashville during a recent sit-down interview. “We got three boys, three girls now…we’re going to shake it up.”

As they await their “tiebreaker” baby, Hayes is excited to spend as much time as he can with his other children. Though he’s on the road quite a bit, the kids are able to join him at any time for a short run on the road.

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“They come out as much as they can. My oldest is 12, so what we’re beginning to have conflicts with is sports. They all have their activities and they’re home-schooled so we were always like yeah, y’all can come out anytime. But then when they became athletic and stuff, we found that that’s just as demanding as school. So yeah, they come out when they can and when they can, they’re great,” he explained.

Hayes continued, “They interact with adults remarkably well for their ages. A lot better than I did at their ages. And they’re just, they’re very independent. We took them out on the Thomas Rhett tour and they get their passes and they found out where’s the green room, where’s the bus, where’s the show. And catering. And they stick together and they watch out for each other, but they love it. They love bus life. And I do too. I love, when they’re out there it’s a great distraction from the idle, those lonely times on the road and so I love having them out. I want them to come out as much as they can.”

While he’s got his family figured out to a science, does he have any advice for first time parents?

“No, I don’t have any advice. Every kid’s different and just sleep as much as you can before you have that baby,” he laughed.