Walker Hayes’ ‘Fancy Like’ Takes Over: See The 5 Best TikTok Dance Videos

Have you learned the dance yet?

Walker Hayes’ ‘Fancy Like’ Takes Over: See The 5 Best TikTok Dance Videos
Photos courtesy of @webgirlmorgan, @walkerhayesofficial and @stephhetherington on TikTok

Last week, Walker Hayes posted a TikTok video of himself and his daughter dancing to his song “Fancy Like” from his new album, Country Stuff. Now, almost 7 million views later (and counting), it has become the latest TikTok dancing trend and the song has shot to the top of the charts. The original video shows Walker and his 15-year-old daughter Lila doing a choreographed dance to the song, which praises the “fancy” parts of life, like “Applebee’s on a date night” and “Natty in the Styrofoam.” The ultra-relatable summer tune and the accompanying TikTok video set off a striking response from fans, which resulted in the song shooting to No. 1 on the iTunes all-genre and country charts. The viral clip from Hayes and his daughter also resulted in plenty of TikTok users showing off their own versions of the dance.

Here are 5 of the best TikTok dance videos to Walker Hayes’ “Fancy Like.”

  1. This girl who is dancing WHILE wakesurfing.

It already takes some rhythm and talent to learn the original “Fancy Like” dance, but a TikTok user named Steph Hetherington took it to the next level by doing the dance while surfing on the wake behind a boat. She pulled off the dance flawlessly, and spoiler, she didn’t even land in the water.

2. This former Applebee’s waitress.


It was such a fun job!! And I love this dance! #applebees #waitress #momsoftiktok #collegememories #over30 @walkerhayesofficial

♬ Fancy Like – Walker Hayes

One of the “fancy” outings Hayes mentions in the feel-good song is a night at Applebee’s ordering the Bourbon Street steak and an Oreo shake. One former Applebee’s waitress and bartender took to TikTok to dance to that portion of the song while also using captions to share her experience working at the restaurant. “I averaged $150-$200 a night. Then I became a bartender (SO FUN!) and made almost double! Not bad for a college kid!” she wrote in the video.

3. This country couple.

A married couple named Justin and Ashley with the TikTok name ‘thestrohshow’ showed off their near-perfect dance skills in their “Fancy Like” dance video. The clip shows the pair dancing in front of an old red barn, and they even added their own free styling at the end.

4. This cool chiropractor.

A Pittsburgh-based Chiropractor who shares stretching tips took to TikTok to put his own spin on the “Fancy Like” dance. The chiropractor, Dr. Brian, did half of the dance, and then used the rest of the video to show a stretch that is meant to alleviate mid-back pain.

5. This mother-daughter combo.


my mom is cooler than yours 🤪🤪

♬ Fancy Like – Walker Hayes

A TikToker named Lily Faith and her mom made for an adorable combo dancing to “Fancy Like.” The two ladies danced to the song outside and even added their own handshake and a hair flip to the end of their routine. “My mom is cooler than yours,” wrote the daughter alongside her video.

In celebration of the viral video, Hayes made a few more videos of himself doing the dance, including one with the rest of his family and one with fans at a show. The Bobby Bones Show’s Morgan and Lunchbox also did their own rendition of the dance. It looks like Hayes and his daughter are already starting up the next TikTok dance craze, as this week, they posted a video dancing to Hayes’ duet with Jake Owen, “Country Stuff.”

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bougie like Natty in the styrofoam 😜 @walkerhayesofficial @radiolunchbox #fyp #fancylike

♬ Fancy Like – Walker Hayes

When we #fancylike @applebees 💪

♬ Fancy Like – Walker Hayes

Did it with the folks tonight💪 little after show #fancylikenancy

♬ Fancy Like – Walker Hayes

#fancylike #countrystuff new and improved 🤠

♬ Country Stuff (feat. Jake Owen) – Walker Hayes & Jake Owen