Watch Blake Shelton Dish on COVID and ‘The Voice’ on ‘Ellen’

Find out how 'The Voice' plans to make its comeback!

Written by Chris Parton
Watch Blake Shelton Dish on COVID and ‘The Voice’ on ‘Ellen’
Blake Shelton and Ellen DeGeneres; Photo Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Blake Shelton covered a lot of ground on today’s (September 28) episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, opening up about everything from the new season of The Voice to the best way to handle 2020.

Calling in via Zoom (since in-person interviews are still difficult to pull off), the country star and DeGeneres started off by talking about the last time the saw each other — which was way back in January at the 2020 Grammy Awards. But it wasn’t much of a happy memory, since they both lost. “2020 sucks and I refuse to spend another minute of it sober,” Shelton said with a laugh, before taking a big gulp from his ever-present solo cup.

The superstar also talked about spending his quarantine time in Oklahoma with his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani (and how they managed with 12 kids and their extended families in one house), then went on to explain how their latest music video became a family affair. Stefani’s brother Todd edited the “Happy Anywhere” clip, mostly using home movies Gwen filmed over the last five years. “It ends up being maybe my favorite video I’ve ever had,” Shelton said, “just because it’s so honest and real.”

Later, Shelton wrapped up by giving fans an update on the new season of NBC’s The Voice, which is set to return October 19 at 8/7c. There won’t be a studio audience this time and the famous spinning chairs have been moved a few feet farther apart, but Shelton says he hardly noticed. According to him, the tweaks might even make for an especially fun season.

“Once we got into it I didn’t even think about it anymore,” he said of the changes. “To be honest, it made it a little easier to concentrate … And our insults cut a little deeper because we can hear exactly what the other person was saying.”