Watch Catie Offerman Go Viral After Joyful ‘Bobby Bones’ Debut

She used her most joyful moment to inspire.

Written by Chris Parton
Watch Catie Offerman Go Viral After Joyful ‘Bobby Bones’ Debut
Catie Offerman. photo cred: Alysse Gafkjen

Hearing yourself on the radio for the first time is a milestone each country artist has a story about, but rising star Catie Offerman’s story is unique. After a joyful clip of her hearing herself on Bobby Bones’ weekend countdown went viral, she posted another clip describing how it feels when a lifetime of work pays off, using her moment to inspire others.

First for a little background. Catie Offerman is a talented Texas native who made her debut in early March with the open-hearted good-stuff jam “Happyland Trailer Park,” and she even premiered an introduction video on Sounds Like Nashville. Last weekend, she was the spotlight artist on Bones’ Top 30 weekend countdown, and she filmed her reaction for TikTok, showing off a mile-wide smile and some pure Texan pride. The feel-good clip quickly went viral, racking up views in the hundreds of thousands — and then the plot thickened.

@catieofferman YA’LL I’M FREAKING OUT!! @mrbobbybones just played Happyland Trailer Park for the first time on the radio for the FIRST TIME EVER! Thank you thank you!!🙏🏻🙏🏻 #thisiswhatdreamsaremadeof #newmusic #bobbybones ♬ Happyland Trailer Park – Catie Offerman

A few days later, Offerman found out Bones and his friends on The Bobby Bones Show were talking about her TikTok reaction, praising both her work and Bones for supporting young artists like her. She filmed that moment, too, and her heartwarming thoughts help explain the life of a creative dreamer — one who’s dreams are coming true.

“We wait our whole lives to have someone go ‘I believe in THAT’ — And it only takes one person,” Offerman wrote over the second viral video. “The fact that The Bobby Bones Show took a chance on me is pretty special. They could’ve picked anyone. There’s so man talented folks out there.

@catieofferman Another one I won’t forget ♥️ @mrbobbybones #CountryMusic #Radio #ThisIsWhatDreamsAreMadeOf #bobbybones #bobbybonesshow ♬ Happyland Trailer Park – Catie Offerman

“Makes it all worth it,” she went on. “All the honky tonks, the 2ams driving home, roadside hotels, $50 shows, funeral gigs, basement pizza parlors, open mics, audiences of 1, you name it. ALL LEAD TO MOMENTS LIKE THESE.”

Millions of people viewed that soul-baring video, and countless among them are now new fans of Catie Offerman. Check out her getting-to-know-you video on SLN here, and soon you may be, too. Her debut single “Happyland Trailer Park” is below.