Watch Maren Morris Guest Host ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

She's got a fall-back job if this whole Grammy winning country star thing doesn't pan out!

Written by Chris Parton
Watch Maren Morris Guest Host ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’
Maren Morris and Willie Nelson; Photo via YouTube

Country star Maren Morris tried her hand at a new job on Monday (August 16), filling in as the host of ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The Grammy winning singer is no stranger to the stage, of course, but fans have never seen her like this.

Morris started out strong, cracking jokes during her monologue and utilizing one of Kimmel’s favorite comedic tools — his security guard turned co-host, Guillermo. Then, after Guillermo almost got himself “canceled” on his first day back on the job (he just got back from COVID-19), Morris slipped back into country star mode. Check out the video above for her new “song for stoners,” “Blaze Across the U.S.A.”

Meanwhile, no late-night TV show is complete with out a few celebrity guests, and Morris’ first interview was top shelf. Calling in via video call was country legend Willie Nelson, who was happy to chat with his fellow singer-songwriter. He answered all of Morris’ most-burning questions — like what it’s like to raise kids on tour, since she and husband Ryan Hurd are the proud parents of a one-year-old.

Nelson also kept the weed-theme going, talking about his new cannabis brand, and explained the finer points of his decades-long poker game buddies Woody Harrelson and Owen Wilson. The trio all live on the Hawaiian island of Maui, and Nelson told Maren Morris that whenever he’s winning the never-ending game (which is apparently most of the time), his friends wind up crashing in a wing of the house he’s dedicated to them. But perhaps the most impressive tidbit was Nelson’s admission that he never makes a set list for his concerts. Instead, he uses a clock, and just plays whatever he wants until time runs out.

“It’s easy to do because I know know all the songs, the band knows all the songs forward and backward … it would be pretty hard to stump them,” he said modestly.