Whiskey Myers Light the Fuse on Hard Rocking ‘Gasoline’

"Gasoline" is the latest release from Whiskey Myers' self-titled fifth studio album.

Written by Chris Parton
Whiskey Myers Light the Fuse on Hard Rocking ‘Gasoline’
Whiskey Myers; Photo Credit: Khris Poage

Hard rocking country outlaws Whiskey Myers light the fuse on a can of gospel inflected country metal with their just-released track, “Gasoline.”

Full of explosive attitude and featuring a mean streak a mile wild, the fuzzed out barroom blaster is like an anthem for those days when the bad news keeps piling up. Written by front man Cody Cannon and built around his tough-as-nails vocal, it’s all about rising above a world that’s trying to bring you down — even if it means burning it to the ground first.

“It’s a heavy, high-energy song with potent lyrics that sit in the vein of current America,” Cannon says simply, describing the Texas Red Dirt-meets-Motorhead vibe of the song.

“Times get harder give me a fire starter / Drench my self in holy water / Spiritual things the heart land bleeds / I need a Bible a gun and gasoline,” goes the howling chorus.

“Gasoline” is the latest release from Whiskey Myers’ self-titled fifth studio album. Self-producing for the first time, the album arrives September 27. The band just wrapped up a massive gig opening for the the Rolling Stones at Chicago’s Soldier Field in June, and they’re currently on the road for their international 2019 Die Rockin’ Tour.