Will The Real Kellie Pickler Please Stand Up?

Will The Real Kellie Pickler Please Stand Up?


Now that Kellie Pickler is out on the road for the summer with Taylor Swift, she’s leaning on Taylor to teach her all about the newest internet sensation, Twitter! When Kellie went to sign up, she ran into a problem – someone else has been using her name on Twitter and pretending to be her!! Kellie blogged:

Ok. So I'm out on the road with Taylor and she was teaching me about “Twitter” and how to get started…..well, I came back to my bus to get on my computer so I could start my own twitter account and come to realize….I'VE BEEN ROBBED!!!!!!!!!!! Someone stole my name!!! I could have sworn that I was the ONLY Kellie Pickler, I mean have you ever heard of anyone else with this ridiculous name??!!!
So, whoever you are out there that stole my name…..can I please have it back?? pretty please????? It would be greatly appreciated!!!

I’ll give you some time to confess and return what’s rightfully mine. If you do not come forward and give me my name back then I guess I will have no other choice but to steal someone else’s! ha ha!”

Kellie still managed to sign up and was pretty active yesterday on Twitter responding to her fans and posting a couple of pictures. You can follow the REAL Kellie Pickler on Twitter HERE. (While you’re there, don’t forget to follow CountryMusicIsLove HERE!)