Willie Nelson Answers ‘Three Ridiculous Questions’ with Jimmy Kimmel

Things got interesting as Nelson answered the peculiar questions with great ease and clever wit.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Willie Nelson Answers ‘Three Ridiculous Questions’ with Jimmy Kimmel

Regular interviews are so yesterday. In spite of making the tradition sit-down session more creative, Jimmy Kimmel decided to spice things up in a new segment of his sketch, “Three Ridiculous Questions,” by asking upon Willie Nelson to answer some silly inquiries while drinking at the bar.

During the video skit, Kimmel starts off the one-on-one with the most serious of questions: If he were going to die fighting an animal, which animal would he choose? Nelson, of course, went with the obvious answer.“A rabbit,” he joked to the late night talk show host.

“I think I’d last longer.” He then went on to answer what he thought of the name Kenneth for a baby and if he had ever used an emoji before, in which the country icon gave a surprising answer.

Nelson just recently released a new book called Pretty Paper and is making the rounds to promote the book to his fans and supporters. The book is a holiday story inspired by a song he penned years and years ago for Christmas.

Fans can pick up the book at their local bookstores or order a copy online through various vendors now.