Willie Nelson is a Flu-Fighting ‘Badass,’ Says Son

Willie Nelson is in tip-top shape after a battle with the flu, his son reveals in a photo posted to Instagram.

Written by Lauren Laffer
Willie Nelson is a Flu-Fighting ‘Badass,’ Says Son
Willie Nelson; Photo courtesy Country Music Association

Willie Nelson is in fighting shape after recovering from a bout of the flu, his son Lukas reveals. In a post to Instagram, Nelson is putting a beat down on a punching bag with a seriously impressive high-kick.

“My dad is a badass … resting in Maui and feeling much better , according to him .. thanks to everyone who’s been asking how he is,” wrote Lukas with the photo.

Fans have been worried about the “On The Road Again” singer after he canceled shows in February in order to rest from his illness. In a statement made to Rolling Stone, the 84-year-old musician will take “a few extra weeks to recover completely.”

The news of his cancellations came on the heels of several shows in 2017 also being canceled due to sickness. His publicist fought more serious rumors by telling fans that he’s in excellent condition and will soon return to the road. Nelson has been the subject of many death hoaxes in the past, prompting the legendary singer to release the song “Still Not Dead.”

“Well I woke up still not dead again today,” Nelson croons in the track’s introduction, “The internet said I had passed away. But if I died, I wasn’t dead to stay.”

Willie Nelson’s next show is expected to happen on March 5 in Greenville, South Carolina. Fans can stay updated by visiting his official website.