WIN a Signed Copy of Sadie Robertson’s Book, ‘Live Fearless’

In celebration of the release of her motivational book, Live Fearless, Sounds Like Nashville is giving away two autographed copies.

Written by Kelly Brickey
WIN a Signed Copy of Sadie Robertson’s Book, ‘Live Fearless’
Sadie Robertson; Cover art courtesy Essential Broadcast Media

Sadie Robertson grew up surrounded by cameras during the filming of Duck Dynasty, but that didn’t prepare her quite enough to deal with the anxiety and pressure she felt later on in her adulthood.

Although she struggled through her insecurities and personal issues by leaning on friends and family, Robertson still couldn’t muster the strength to stop from getting panic attacks or stressful thoughts. Putting her health, mentally and physically, to the forefront of her priorities, Robertson started to understand her connection to fear and how to overcome it in many situations.

The idea of bravery and courage came into her mind, and therefore she penned down her journey in the pages of Live Fearless. Documenting her battles with uneasiness and tense breakdowns, she taught herself how to move forward thanks to positivity and thinking beyond the problems to the bigger picture. A sense of serenity captivated her every move, and left her on the path to happiness.

Signed Sadie Robertson ‘Live Fearless’ Book

“I think that being fearless is actually being the peace in the fearful situation,” Robertson revealed to Sounds Like Nashville. “It’s not that you’re not going to walk into things that aren’t scary, you do walk into the things that are the scariest, but you bring peace because you are so confident in the freedom you found.”

To celebrate the release of her motivational book, Live Fearless, Sounds Like Nashville is giving away signed copies of the read to two lucky fans. Just enter your information in the form below for your chance to take home a copy!

Live Fearless is available for purchase in stores and online now.