Would You Watch a Reboot of Reba McEntire’s ‘Reba’ Sitcom?

"We'd love to get back together," she says of the cast.

Would You Watch a Reboot of Reba McEntire’s ‘Reba’ Sitcom?
Reba McEntire; Photo credit: Robby Klein

Country great Reba McEntire has played a number of beloved roles in her side gig as an acclaimed actress — perhaps none more beloved than her starring spot in the long-running sitcom, Reba. And now, the icon says she’d reboot the show in a heartbeat.

Speaking with NBC’s Today on Monday (May 18), the singer started out explaining her impression of life under quarantine, and how she’s been making the most of time off the road. “I’ve loved every minute of it,” she admitted about spending time with family, and saying further that her heart goes out to those who’ve lost loved ones or jobs. But then, after host Hota Kotb filled viewers in on why the country star updated her 1997 “What If” video for healthcare workers, she gave McEntire’s fans something big to look forward to.

Asking if there were any plans to reunite the Reba cast, McEntire was all for it.

“We’d love to, as a matter of fact, we’ve been texting each other,” she said. “Melissa Peterman started it out and we’re all talking, hoping to get back together. We miss each other. It was a fun group to get to play with, work with, so we’d love to do it. Even if it’s two-hour movie … We’d love to get back together.”

There’s no word on if the reboot is really happening, but McEntire and Peterman have already reprised their roles for fans on social media in April. Plus, McEntire does have some time on her hands. She just announced the postponement of her entire 2020 tour until 2021. Check the whole video out in the player above.