Zac Brown Band Knows How to Balance Work with Family

Throughout the busy scheduling of tours, recordings and events, the guys from Zac Brown Band still know to put family first over their careers.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Zac Brown Band Knows How to Balance Work with Family
Zac Brown Band, Photo courtesy Shore Fire Media

While the guys from Zac Brown Band are constantly dealing with one of the busiest schedules in the industry, they have learned how to manage their careers with keeping their families a priority as well.

With all of the touring and recording as well as the development of Camp Southern Ground, Zac Brown Band has a lot on their plate at all times. But no matter how crazy their schedules might get, they hold on to the value that family comes first always.

“I have great people, great help to do it,” Zac Brown said. “I totally disengage from all this when I get to be with my kids and have time that’s just for me and them. And it’s always a moving target, I gotta always be aware of what’s goin’ on and try not to let my schedule completely…’cause we have to say no to so many amazing things, we try to make the ones count that we can do and then try to really focus on the things that matter and the connection with my family.”

The connection to family is so strong for all of the guys in the band, as they all keep close to their loved ones at home. Throughout their success and time in the music industry, it’s been their families that keep them level-headed and grounded.

Recently, the Zac Brown Band has had time to reflect with each other on their careers during their visit to their exhibit, Homegrown: Zac Brown Band, at the Country Music Hall of Fame. The exhibit is open to the public now until July 2017.

The guys are also on the road for the summer on their Black Out the Sun Tour with the dates lined up perfectly to meet up with their families along the way.