Album Review: Russell Dickerson’s ‘Yours’

If Yours is any indication of his career path, then Russell Dickerson has a long road of success ahead of him.

Written by Cillea Houghton
Album Review: Russell Dickerson’s ‘Yours’
Russell Dickerson; Cover art courtesy Essential Broadcast Media

Fans of Russell Dickerson will get to know the singer on an even deeper level with his new project, Yours, a collection of songs that are equal parts lively and sentimental that show off the various sides of the up-and-coming singer.

The album instantly grabs the listener with a burst of energy on “Every Little Thing.” Backed by a breezy beat, the song describes all the little details Dickerson admires about the love of his love, which we can only assume is about his wife Kailey. She also inspired the poignant “Yours,” the single that propelled him onto the country music map and into the hearts of fans. Its infectious melody, combined with Dickerson’s dreamy voice and swoon-worthy lyrics, make “Yours” a beautiful standout on the album. It was certainly a wise selection for the lead single, making for a strong and honest introduction to the album, which overall stays true to the pop-country sound that dominates the modern country landscape.

Yours effectively showcases Dickerson’s vocal ability and likable personality, which seems to embody an easy-going, laid-back nature, much like his fellow peer Jake Owen. His clever songwriting style is also on full display throughout the project, particularly on the charismatic “MGNO” and “Billions.” The kitschy “Billions” is just as catchy as it humorous, comparing the amount of love in a relationship to an insurmountable sum of money. Dickerson infuses a distinct sense of swagger into the addictive track as he croons “if kisses were cash, we’d never stop making it rain… if lovin’ was money then we’d make it all the way to the bank… girl if lovin’ was dollars, you’d know we’d be ballers.” It will certainly be hard for listeners not to sing along to the confidence-filled song and is bound to be a fan favorite.

“MGNO” follows the witty theme “Billions” sets forth, with the singer adding a special twist to the phrase “girl nights out,” with his ideal GNO experience consisting of a night out with his favorite girl they won’t soon forget, spinning her around the dance floor and making her feel like the most important person in the room, becoming the album’s undeniable feel-good number. And if you hadn’t already fallen in love with his intoxicating voice, there’s no way you’ll be able to escape it on “You Look Like a Love Song,” one of the album’s last tracks that makes for a compelling finish. It’s Sinatra-esque opening instantly draws listeners in with its cinematic atmosphere that finds Dickerson belting out some impressive notes before diving into a doo-wop style song, making for the most eclectic pick on the album.

Whether intentional or not, Dickerson combines the free spirited nature and irresistible romantic charm that made artists like Owen and Brett Eldredge household names in the genre, all while adding his own flavor that make it distinguishably his. Dickerson has packed a variety of upbeat and energetic songs into one debut project that really begin to prove who he is as an artist. If Yours is any indication of his career path, then he has a long road of success ahead of him.