Chris Young – “The Man I Want To Be” Album Review & NEW CONTEST

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Chris Young – “The Man I Want To Be” Album Review & NEW CONTEST


Country. In a day when much of modern country music has undeniably taken a on a different tune, Chris Young’s The Man I Want To Be can truly be classified as “country.”

By now you’ve (hopefully!) heard the leadoff single, “Gettin’ You Home.” The song is currently heading up the country singles charts and is close to breaking into the top ten. From the first notes of the song and Chris’s deep voice singing “Tuxedo waiters, black tie…,” the listener can so easily visualize the situation. One of our readers summed it up best with her comment about the song, saying “Chris makes you want to be that woman!” I’m not sure there could be any bigger compliment to a song than fans actually wanting to be the character in the story, and in this case, the compliment couldn’t be more well-deserved!

Another one of my favorite songs on the album is “Voices.” The character in the song is always hearing voices in his head – but they’re voices that he’s quite thankful for! He hears the voices of his most important family members – mother, father, grandmother, grandfather – constantly giving him quality life advice. Every music lover will be able to relate to this song… it really unites people in the sense that no matter what your background, your personality, or your economic class, we should all live by the same basic rules in how we conduct ourselves and treat others. I could definitely see this song as another single from Chris and hope to hear it on my radio!

I have to admit that I wasn’t very familiar with Chris or his music before we started hearing about this new album coming. I couldn’t be more pleased to have had my eyes and ears opened to this new music – it really is fantastic! Chris’s deep voice combined with the moving lyrics and great country sound on this album make it a project that will bring Chris to the next level in country music. Whatever emotion that you could hope to feel can be found on this album… there are songs for so many different moods and I was pleasantly surprised to relate to so many of the tracks on The Man I Want To Be.

If you’d like to get a free download of one of the songs from The Man I Want To Be, visit WalMart’s Soudcheck series. You’ll be able to see a lengthy interview with Chris as well as get a free download!

For those of you who have the album, leave us a note in the comments section of this post and let us know what you think – we want to hear your thoughts on Chris’s new music!

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