EP Review: Brooke Eden’s ‘Welcome to the Weekend’

The four-song project features upbeat tracks of female empowerment that highlight Eden’s strong voice.

Written by Laura Hostelley
EP Review: Brooke Eden’s ‘Welcome to the Weekend’
Photo by Joseph Llanes

Brooke Eden has released her debut EP, Welcome to the Weekend. The four-song project features upbeat tracks of female empowerment that highlight Eden’s strong voice. You won’t find a heartbroken ballad on the album, but instead she goes at love gone wrong with guitar riffs and the encouragement to move on.

Welcome to the Weekend blends storytelling themes, rocking guitars and toe-tapping beats that strike the urge to dance. It is filled with anthems that are perfect for any female experiencing the feat of growing up.

“Diamonds” is the opening song that lays the groundwork for the rest of the EP. The coming of age tune calls for a night out with the girls; drinks, dancing and flirting with the boys included. It’s hard not to call up the squad and plan for the upcoming weekend after listening to this one.

The next track, “Act Like You Don’t,” has a similar theme to Kacey Musgraves’ “Keep It to Yourself,” but with a touch more sass and a faster tempo. Eden has the desire to move on from the boy, but it’s hard when he continues to blow her phone up. This song is relatable in the modern day of constant communication and has the opportunity to be the theme song of young women’s breakups.

The trend of being strong through heartbreak extends to the next track, “Silence Speaks.” Eden isn’t going to be the clichéd crazy ex-girlfriend in the scenario. This empowering song calling for silent but effective action might be the highlight of her project. The subject of silence being stronger than words is something that hasn’t been explored much in recent music, and Eden does a great job of bringing it to life.

The final song of Welcome to the Weekend, “Sunday Mornin’,” shows more of Eden’s strength. She sings out to another rocking track that she is more than just a one-night stand and if you have plans to hold her Saturday night, you better be prepared for Sunday morning too. This track proves that Eden knows her worth, and that is a theme that girls everywhere need to hear.

Welcome to the Weekend shows Eden’s rough-around-the-edges side that leaves room for growth in upcoming projects. The EP evidently belongs to a strong young woman with nowhere to go but up.

Pick up your copy of Welcome to the Weekend on iTunes HERE.