EP Review: Jordan Rager’s ‘Southern Boy’

Jordan Rager's 'Southern Boy' EP consists of songs that will resonate with younger audiences & their experiences of growing up.

Written by Laura Hostelley
EP Review: Jordan Rager’s ‘Southern Boy’
Photo by Jason Myers

Country newcomer Jordan Rager looks to make a splash in the country music scene with his debut major label EP release, Southern Boy. The four-track project consists of songs that will resonate with younger audiences and their experiences of growing up while older fans may listen to the tune’s and drift back to a simpler time in their lives.

Production on Southern Boy is in line with fellow modern male country artists such as Jason Aldean, Kane Brown and Brantley Gilbert. Influences of contemporary country, rock and pop are found littered through out the album. Production leans toward the heavier side, enhancing song meaning in line with Rager’s twang-heavy voice.

The title track also serves as the introduction to the project. It outlines Rager’s personality and stance as who he is as an artist. He borrows talent from label-mate Aldean who is featured. The mid-tempo song is the lead single off the project and for good reason. The theme is universal in the country realm and highlights Rager’s smooth voice that has hints of gravel, perfectly embellishing on the song and album as a whole.

“Now That I Know Your Name” follows. There is not much variation in production or tempo between the first three tracks but still results in easy listening. No ground is being broken in this love song, but is an adorable tune that can serve as a starting point for teenage boys on how to flirt. The catchy song will get stuck in your head as you imagine slow dancing in a field with a young love as this track plays softly in the background. Rager’s softer side is emphasized, it’s nice seeing different personality traits of the young artist.

Rager displays his coming-of-age in “Underage,” a track he is a co-writer on. Sticking with the slow tempo it doesn’t show much risk but will take fan’s back to their youth and trying to grow up too quick. The storytelling in this song makes it standout as obvious imagery is paints youthful pictures in your mind through out the lyrics.

We get to hear Rager’s boot-stomping side in the final track, “Whatever.” Another song he co-penned, this is the ultimate party song, changing up the beat and concluding the project on the perfect note. It might persuade you to follow his trend and go out to party in the middle of the week, but as Rager repeats, whatever.

Southern Boy is just a taste of what is to come from Rager and after this preview we’re ready to see what is next for this budding star.