EP Review: Luke Bryan’s ‘Farm Tour…Here’s to the Farmer’

Luke Bryan's five-song Farm Tour set is one of his most entertaining releases in quite a while.

Written by Chuck Dauphin
EP Review: Luke Bryan’s ‘Farm Tour…Here’s to the Farmer’
Photo courtesy Schmidt PR

For the past several years, Luke Bryan has given his fans new music each Spring with the release of his annual Spring Break CD’s. Interestingly enough, his corresponding fall tour has not gotten that same attention – that is until now.

To commemorate his upcoming “Farm Tour” series of dates this Autumn, the singer is releasing a five-song set that is one of his most entertaining in quite a while. With the emphasis on agriculture settings, the instrumentation is a little bit more traditional Country based, and Bryan sounds like he is in his element. Songs like “I Do All My Dreaming There” reflect a Luke Bryan that is very much from the tiny metropolis of Leesburg, Georgia. It’s a song about roots, and how Bryan’s played a role in the artist that he has become.

Cover art courtesy Schmidt Relations

Cover art courtesy Schmidt Relations

He also tips the musical hat to the lifestyle he is promoting on “Here’s To The Farmer,” which pays tribute to the up and down world of agriculture. It’s not always the easiest way of life or business, but thank God for those who make it work – and do it well.

Of course, it’s not all work all the time on the farm. Songs like “Love Me In A Field” and “Southern Gentleman” resonate with more than just a little down-home sensuality that should make both favorites among the female demographics, but quite possibly the best of the ballads is the surreal “You Look Like Rain.” It’s romantic, but real, and doesn’t have to rely on pyrotechnics to get his point across. It’s by far one of his most simple and poignant performances of his career.

I, for one, would love to see the Farm Tour CD become a yearly event. I kind of dig hearing the singer in a little more of a traditional setting. It makes for a little bit different appreciation of an artist, and shows another side of what he can do. Here’s betting the Farm Tour 2016 will be a resounding success!

Luke Bryan’s Farm Tour…Here’s to the Farmer is available for pre-order HERE.