EP Review: A Thousand Horses’ ‘Bridges’

A Thousand Horses' Bridges EP showcases what they do best with a mixture of heavy Southern rock influences & nostalgic country storytelling.

EP Review: A Thousand Horses’ ‘Bridges’
A Thousand Horses; Cover art courtesy of BMLG Records

A Thousand Horses launched into the country scene with their standout debut album Southernality in 2015 and now the guys are back with six new songs in the form of their latest EP Bridges. While the project includes new material, it also provides seven live recordings of fan favorites found on their first release.

Corey Crowder and Dann Huff were at the helm in producing the digital-only release, due out June 2, and the six new songs showcase the band’s Southern rock influence and country charm. Bold EP opener “Blaze Of Somethin'” is a barn burner with thumping drum beats that will no doubt thrive in the live setting. It’s an anthemic track about living life to the fullest every day, and A Thousand Horses adequately get their point across within the song’s lyrics which were penned by the band’s Michael Hobby and Bill Satcher, alongside Aaron Eshuis and Ryan Hurd.

“Leave ‘em somethin’ to remember / Might be glory, might be flames / When the good Lord calls my name / Stand my ground, run from nothin’ / I’m going’ out in a blaze of somethin,'” they sing on the chorus.

Meanwhile, “Burn Like Willie” continues the band’s signature rollicking rock sound. The fun and quirky track about enjoying the parties that life often brings recalls the sound fans know and love from A Thousand Horses. “Don’t it make you wanna slide across the hood? Step on the gas and burn like Willie,” A Thousand Horses sing about being up to no good.

While the party songs are plenty throughout Bridges, so are the inspirational. Their infectious single, “Preachin’ to the Choir,” has the band more introspective while beautiful ballad “One Man Army” shows their sensitive side. The latter song’s sweet lyrics come to life with Hobby’s yearning vocals.

“I’ll be your one man army / I’ll be whatever you need / As sure as your heart beats / You can count on me / And when the world’s gone crazy / When you’re havin’ a bad day / You can lay it on me,” he sings.

The standout “Weekends In a Small Town” closes the new song portion of the EP and was penned by A Thousand Horses’ frontman Hobby with Jaren Johnston and Neil Mason from The Cadillac Three. A nostalgic song looking back on one’s youth, it’s vivid description brings the listener back to simpler times: hanging out at Sonic, drinking beers and catching up with old friends.

Bridges offers much needed new music for A Thousand Horses fans. A solid release, the EP showcases what A Thousand Horses do best with a mixture of heavy Southern rock influences and nostalgic country storytelling that will have listeners begging for more.

Pick up your copy of Bridges on iTunes HERE.