BobbyCast Recap: Walker Hayes Chats About New Song, ‘I Hope You Miss Me’

BobbyCast Recap: Walker Hayes Chats About New Song, ‘I Hope You Miss Me’
Walker Hayes; Photo credit: Electric Machine

On episode #282 of his podcast, the BobbyCast, Bobby Bones talked with Walker Hayes about his new song, “I Hope You Miss Me, ” released on February 19. The song finds Walker singing to a girl who has moved out to LA to follow her dreams. Throughout the song, Hayes encourages the girl to keep pursuing her passion, but says, “I Hope You Miss Me.” Hayes told Bones the song was inspired by his 7-year-old daughter, Loxley, who he says is bound for big things.

“She’s just a free spirit and I know she wasn’t born to stick around,” he said. “She’s going to go do great things, and who knows, maybe that’s performing, but she enjoys the limelight. That’s where the inspiration for this song really came from, just that bittersweet, loving somebody knowing that they’re going to fly away from the nest and being sad about it.”

Earlier in the interview, Hayes mentioned that none of his six children have concrete plans to follow in his footsteps of music, but if any of his kids were to go into the music or entertainment realm, it would most likely be Loxley.

“They see it as an occupation and what takes me away from them,” he said. “They enjoy music and stuff, but none of them are just chomping at the bit to perform. My daughter Loxley, she is a performer and she loves the camera. When it comes on, she lights up.”

“She’s seven, so whatever she says, I’m kind of like, ‘Ah, it’ll be different next week,’” he continued. “But she loves to steal my phone and do her own YouTube channel where she just chats and picks up things in her room and talks about them and stuff like that. It’s looking like she would naturally fall into a job like that, but we’ll see, man.”

“I Hope You Miss Me” was released as a stand-alone track, and although Hayes isn’t certain on the specifics of his next project, he does say that the song will appear on some sort of upcoming album or EP.

“I would say it’s an EP situation right now. It’s the first of a few that will be coming out that we’ve recently finished,” he says. “I’ve got a song called ‘Briefcase’ about my dad and a song called ‘Crack Of A Can.’ But I’m really proud of this one. Shane McAnally and I started this a year ago, so it’s nice to see this one be released.”