Brad Paisley Finds A Hero In Scott Hamilton

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Brad Paisley Finds A Hero In Scott Hamilton

Brad Paisley has not only found a lifelong friend in Olympic figure skater Scott Hamilton, he’s also found a hero. Hamilton, who lives just outside of Nashville with his wife and two sons, has been in the public eye in recent years more for his health struggles than for his impressive skating career.

In 1997, Scott was diagnosed with testicular cancer but returned to the ice after successful treatment. In 2004 it was discovered that Scott had a brain tumor and he underwent surgery earlier this year as part of his treatment process. Prior to that surgery in June, Brad posted on his website, asking fans for their support of Scott. He said “This week Scott has to have an operation to remove a benign growth on his pituitary gland. While this operation is not completely uncommon, anytime a person has brain surgery it's good to keep them in your thoughts and prayers. So If you have a second in the next few days, say a prayer that the operation is successful and routine. And that he is back to normal, back on the ice, and back home quickly with his wife and sons. I know no finer human being.” Brad and his wife Kim were vacationing in Europe at the time, but cut their trip short to go home and be by Scott’s side. When they arrived, it was Paisley, always a jokester, who received a dose of his own medicine as Scott fooled Brad by having a bandage wrapped around his head covered in ketchup!

All jokes aside, Scott is now home in Tennessee and Brad couldn’t be more proud of his friend. “He’s a hero to me in the way he handles adversity and his positive outlook on life, no matter the circumstances,” Brad said (via People magazine.)

Putting their friendship to good use, Brad helped Scott raise over $1 Million earlier this month at a benefit concert for his foundation, The Scott Hamilton Cares Initiative.

You can read more about Scott’s struggle in this week’s issue of People.