Bridgette Tatum Releases Light-Up Lip Gloss

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Bridgette Tatum Releases Light-Up Lip Gloss

The Lano Company, which specializes in lanolin-based cosmetic products, has partnered with country recording artist and hit songwriter Bridgette Tatum to release a limited edition and unique lip gloss aptly named “Hillbilly Rockstar.”

Tatum’s signature color, developed after a year’s careful process, is a soft mocha with ultra-shimmery color. It uses a revolutionary “travel mica” that shimmers between pink and brown depending on the lighting. Perhaps the most distinctive feature is the LED-lit applicator with mirror that reduces the need for carrying an additional compact or finding a lighted space in which to apply the gloss. Coupled with the unique formula combining the naturally therapeutic powers of medical-grade Lanolin, Jojoba, Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E, this product is truly a staple for any “rock star” on the go.

“This is by far the best lip product I have ever used and the light up feature is the coolest and most practical thing ever,” said Tatum. “Whenever I use it while out and that light goes on, people immediately start asking me about it. I am excited to sing its praises while on the road for the upcoming ‘She’s Country Tour’ because it is a great product.”

Having discovered the Light Up Lip Gloss seeing an interview that Lano Company CEO Miranda Coggins did in Nashville in 2009, and relating to Coggins’ chronic chapped lip problem, Tatum began using the product religiously and found it the most effective product on the market. Additionally, this product is practical for Tatum, who has a rigorous touring schedule and faces the challenges of changing climates on the road that wreak havoc on her lips. It is perfect for last minute back-stage application, and comes in handy when her lips dry out during her numerous songwriting sessions.