Bryan White – Back In Action!

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Bryan White – Back In Action!

Bryan White (“Rebecca Lynn,” “Someone Else’s Star”) is back on the country music scene, and according to his fans, he’s better than ever!

After taking some time off to start a family, Bryan has been back to work writing and recording new music. He has a new album coming out and is out on the road playing his music live for the fans. His new single, “The Little Things,” (which officially launches Bryan’s comeback) was just released to country radio.

“The Little Things” co-written by White, James Dean Hicks and Erik Bledsoe was inspired by a post-it note and a guitar lick. White explains, “Since back before we were married, sneaking post-it notes to each other has been a big thing with Erika and I. Since day one it’s still a surprise to find one in my bag, my wallet, or even on my steering wheel. During the week it took to write this song, my wife and I went out on a date one night where she handed me a post-it note that read, ‘It’s looking like you’re going to be a Daddy…’ After that, the song finished itself.”

The video for the single is below, and you can even click the link and download the song for FREE! Take a listen and let us know what you think.

His 8th studio album, Dustbowl Dreams, is set to be released digitally on September 28.

You can find Bryan all over the web – his website is currently under construction but while you’re waiting for that to be back up and running, you can become his fan on Facebook, be his friend on MySpace, and follow him on Twitter.

I was a big Bryan White fan a few years back and I love the sound of his new music – who else was a big fan and is glad to see him back?

Thanks so much to Tera for filling us in on Bryan’s new music – we can’t wait to hear more!