Carrie Underwood Gears Up For New Season Of “American Idol”

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Carrie Underwood Gears Up For New Season Of “American Idol”

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As the new season of American Idol kicks off tonight, one of it’s most famous alumni is gearing up for the new competition. Carrie Underwood tells Entertainment Tonight “I will always have just the biggest love for ‘American Idol,’ as a participant and as a fan. Now it’s so crazy for me to watch and think, ‘Oh, my gosh. I was on that show.’ But I love the people. I love to go back and talk to the contestants and I vote, too, just like everybody else.”

Carrie even has a little bit of advice for the new contestants: be yourself. “I feel like any contestant that does well on ‘Idol’ has to stay true to what people voted for,” she says. “I’ve seen it happen a few times, where people are one thing on the show and then they get off the show and try to do something else. And that’s really strange because ‘Idol’ is one of those things that they’re telling you what they want. People are telling you, ‘We love this person as is.’ It’s the best testing format that you can possibly have. So I think it’s just really important to remember why people voted for you and, of course, cross your fingers and say a little prayer and hope that people dig what you’re doing. “

American Idol debuts tonight on FOX from 8 – 10pm ET. It returns again tomorrow night for another 2-hour episode.