Carrie Underwood Opens Up To ‘US Weekly’

Carrie Underwood Opens Up To ‘US Weekly’

Carrie Underwood graces the cover of the latest issue of US Weekly, on newsstands now. Inside, the superstar chats about marriage and finally getting to share a home with her new hubby, hockey hunk Mike Fisher.

Carrie and Mike wed in July of 2010, but didn’t move in together until recently when he was traded to the Nashville Predadtors after and 11 year stint with the Ottawa Senators.

“It was like, he's coming to live with me! I can go to work, he can go to work, and we can both come home, and we'll be together,” Carrie tells Us Weekly. (Via

While she’s clearly elated about getting to spend more time with Mike, Carrie says it’s not always easy. “Just learning how to live together has been fun and frustrating and everything in between,” she admits.

The question on everyone’s mind is when will Carrie and Mike have kids? Don’t get your hopes up. Carrie says they aren’t planning on reproducing anytime soon.

“We haven't even been married a year. We have plenty of time!”

“We have dogs and are very content with that now,” she adds.

Be sure to pick up the issue for the full story.