Carrie Underwood Takes Time “Off”

Carrie Underwood Takes Time “Off”

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood may be lying low, but don’t think she’s taking time off. The ACM Entertainer of the Year is currently putting the finishing touches on her third studio album.

“I can’t multitask that well, I suppose,” she said of taking time off from touring to record (via The Tennessean). “I like to be focused on one thing and do the best possible job I can, no matter what that one thing is, whether I’m completely touring or completely writing or completely recording. That’s how I operate. Right now, it’s been really nice. I’m still working very hard, but I get to go home to my own bed at night, which is really nice.”

Underwood co-wrote four songs on her sophomore release Carnival Ride and it sounds like she’ll also cut a few of her own tracks on her upcoming album…

“I’ve definitely been writing a lot more, and I’m getting more comfortable in my writing abilities, kinda branching out and writing with people who aren’t necessarily in country music,” she said. “I’m not planning on changing the kind of music that I sing, but it’s nice to bring a different flavor into it.”

Aside from working on the album, Carrie is also spending more time with her hockey-hunk boyfriend, Mike Fisher. In a recent interview with Slam! Sports, Fisher admitted that they’ve been spending a lot more time together this summer than they did in the busy hockey season.

“I’ve been down to see her a few times and she’s been up to my place in Peterborough a few times,” he said.

Underwood’s new album, which is still unnamed, hits stores November 3rd.