Chuck Wicks Fan Review

Chuck Wicks Fan Review

Kalyn got to see Chuck Wicks in concert in Bloomington, IL on Friday night and she sent along her review and a few pics to share!


Let me tell ya if any of you haven’t seen him in concert, y’all should. He’s amazing and his CD certainly doesn’t do him justice. His voice is even better live, and lets face it ladies, he’s gorgeous in person as well! One of the neat moments was when he sang a new song that he wrote with Brian McKnight. He sat down on the stage with his feet hanging into the crowd and sang the song. Maybe you guys know what the song is called, it seems to have escaped me, but it was amazing! I cannot wait for his new record! Another cute moment was when he held the hand of a little girl, who was sitting on another girl’s shoulders. They were right next to me – he held her hand, sang to her, and then kissed her on the hand. Needless to say, she was beyond excited!


What is neat about him is how good he is to his fans. He was constantly shaking people’s hands during the concert! After the show there was a decent sized line waiting for him to come out and sign. After a while he finally came out and said “I was eating a tuna salad sandwich and looked out my window and saw y’all and was like ‘I have to come out to you guys!'” Haha – so sweet! He was very good about meeting the fans. He would sign whatever you wanted him to sign, take group pictures, then take the time to take individual pictures as well. There were also a few phone calls where he was more than happy to talk to people on the phone. Its nice to see such a talented artist be genuinely nice and thankful to/for his fans. All in all the concert was amazing. This was my first time seeing him live and it definitely won’t be my last!


Sounds like a great show Kalyn – we’re glad Chuck made such a connection with the crowd and that you enjoyed his show! Thanks for sending along your experience!