Darryl Worley Gushes Over Daughter

Darryl Worley Gushes Over Daughter


Darryl Worley is dad to 14-month old Savannah Gail, and the proud dad can’t help but gush over his little girl. Darryl recently chatted with People’s CelebrityBabyBlog.com about Savannah and it’s not hard to see that she’s the apple of his eye! Darryl’s little girl is “very advanced, a very smart baby girl. Just beautiful, red hair, blue eyes… She says everything. You've gotta be careful because she doesn't have a filter. She will just blurt it out,” says Darryl, adding that “she's got about 400 [facial] expressions at this point. She'll raise her eyebrows up and it's like, 'What're you gonna do?' It's just hilarious.”

In addition to her smarts, Darryl says his daughter has quite the personality too! “She seems to me like she might be an entertainer. I don't know what kind. But she just has the coolest personality. Outgoing, loves people. She was at Waffle House with us this mornin' and she greeted everybody who came in the door,” Darryl laughed.

Darryl goes on to explain Savannah’s softer side… “When she gets sleepy, she's very loving. Until that, she's very independent. But she gets this real warm fuzzy lovin' mood and she gets real generous with her little sugar and kisses, and it'll just about make your heart melt.”

Cute, smart, great personality and a soft side – sounds like Darryl’s got himself one special little girl!