David Nail Answers YOUR Questions!

Written by SLN Staff Writer
David Nail Answers YOUR Questions!

david nail

David Nail recently took the time to answer some of our reader’s questions. Check it out!

You have a very unique voice and style when you sing. I love it! Did you always sing this way or did this come from years of experience? (Vicki) I think when you first start singing you can’t help but sing like the first people you begin listening to. It wasn’t till I moved to Nashville when I realized I began sounding different.

Who did you grow up listening to? (Anita) Glen Campbell, Elton John, Vince Gill, Garth Brooks, The Beatles

Who is your favorite artist to cover and why? (Anita) Train or Stevie Wonder

Who was your biggest influence? (Nicole) Glen Campbell

What is your worst habit? (Kristin) I cannot tell, there’s a reason it’s bad.

What kept you motivated after the first deal with Mercury didn’t pan out? (Andrew) Desperation!

What taught you the most from those early years? (Andrew) Growing up is not just a kid thing, you grow well into your 20’s.

What country Female artist out right now would you like to go on tour with and/or do a duet with ? (Emily) Miranda Lambert, and since I’ve sang with her already, how about another duet with Jennifer Nettles from Sugarland

I see that you are writing MLB blogs now. Who do you think is going to win the AL Cy Young award? (Emily) I said Justin Verlander before, but probably Zach Greinke now…

We all know that country music is your love, but sports are not far behind at all. Lately, you've been rooting for the White Sox and Cardinals, then in football, for the Titans, Rams, and Bears. So, if you had to pick one baseball and one football team to make it to the World Series and the Super Bowl who would it be? (Kayla) Bears in football, and I’m a little biased. Phillies in baseball

What about hockey? Have you gotten into that sport yet? (Kayla) The best man in my wedding actually plays in the NHL. I love hockey, but I can’t help but wonder if having many friends play makes it easier to love.

What do you do when you're stuck at a Red Light? (Scott) Look to see if someone is singing my song.

Who has been your favorite artist to play a show with? (Lindsey) Luke Bryan or Eli Young Band

Who puts on some of your favorite concerts to see? (Lindsey) Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney and Miranda Lambert

What is your favorite moment of your career thus far? (Jessica) Opry debut or having my friends/peers like Miranda, EYB [Eli Young Band], Billy Currington, Luke Bryan, Lady A be so excited for my success…

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions!

Be sure to check out Nail’s new album, I’m About To Come Alive, which is in stores now.