Dierks Bentley Opens Up To CNN About New Music, Old Boots

Dierks Bentley Opens Up To CNN About New Music, Old Boots

(Photo Credit: Barb)

Dierks Bentley recently sat down with CNN to chat about everything from his old boots to his new music.

If you’ve ever seen Bentley live, you may have noticed that his boots are always all taped up and rugged looking. You may have asked yourself why he doesn’t just go out and buy a new pair…Bentley says it’s because he likes to stay connected with his past and where he’s been.

(Photo Credit: Janet)

“I like old things,” Bentley tells CNN. “Old things have memories attached to them. It just makes them have character — old guitars, old trucks, old boots.”

“Once I put my jeans on,” he adds, “You can’t see anything except the tape. I’ve put a lot of miles on these boots. I feel like they deserve to go everywhere I’ve been.”

As for his music, Dierks says that his bluegrass album shouldn’t have been a surprise to his hardcore fans.

“I think my longtime fans knew that I was going to do something like this, because every record I’ve had has had a bluegrass track on it at the end,” Dierks says. “I moved to Nashville when I was 19, and discovered this world of acoustic bluegrass music, and I just thought it was really authentic.”

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Bentley’s latest album, Up On The Ridge, is available now.

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